Mental Health Monster CIC

Mental Health Monster CIC
Short Business Description:
A social enterprise that brings mental health conversation and education to new and untraditional audiences.
Long Business Description:

At Mental Health Monster CIC we have three main aims. To bring mental health education and conversation to new and untraditional audiences, to improve access to employment for people with debilitating mental health difficulties and to fight for mental health education to become compulsory in the school curriculum. People seem to see mental health as this scary topic that needs to be tip-toed around. We don’t see it this way. Of course some topics may require a delicate approach but we all have mental health and consequently we all must keep on top of it. Therefore, we simply see it as our job to persuade the average Joe to look after their mental health and to show them how.

What we do:

We aim to achieve our goals through a number of avenues, such as:
– Guerrilla marketing techniques.
– Running mental health awareness projects.
– Advising on mental health related research and marketing campaigns.
– Publishing media content (posts, articles, blogs, videos, audio etc.).
– The sale of mental health-related merchandise.
– Promoting up and coming talent.
– Advocating for mental health services.
– Organising events.
– And so much more!
If you’d like us to work with you on any mental health-related project, feel free to get in touch. We’d love to work with anyone that is serious about furthering the mental health conversation and would like to demonstrate the social values of their brand.
Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

If you’d like to know more about our story, read on…

(Trigger Warning: This story briefly mentions suicide)

“The idea originated from my personal experiences with mental ill health, from losing a loved one as he unfortunately lost his battle with mental illness to various dealings with my own ‘monster’ from a young age. It was often the case that, during my times of poor mental health, I felt as if there was a monster that was out to attack my mental health. After a long period of self-teaching, attending CBT and supporting others with their experiences I felt as though everyone deserves the chance to stay on top of their mental health. People shouldn’t have to wait for a crisis to learn how to keep their mind healthy. I wanted to put everything I’d learned right in front of them. Therefore, I took it upon myself to try and break down the barriers to accessing such vital information such as stigma, for example, and emphasising the importance of doing so. Consequently, Mental Health Monster CIC was born.” – Nathan Jackson, Founder

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