Meet the team behind See No Bounds

Jamie McAnsh

See No Bounds was first set up by its founder Jamie McAnsh in 2014. Jamie was left paralysed from the waist down as a result of a viral condition. Shingles left him with permanent nerve damage in the lower spine and a pain related neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

The original idea of See No Bounds was to build a community around CRPS and invisible disabilities. The early days of the company was about Jamie’s journey and his ambition to live life to the full. 

After a long journey of rehabilitation Jamie had developed strength and neurological control of his lower limbs and was enjoying his new found independence on crutches. However, this came with its own issues of long term use, leaving him in pain in both wrists and shoulders. 

In 2017 Jamie met the team from SmartCrutch UK where he discovered an innovative product that looked capable of offering him even more independence and potentially off road capability. After testing and reviewing these new crutches, Jamie offered some insight on improvements. Such as a more flexible foot to cope with off road terrain. Welcome to the relationship between SmartCrutch, The best crutches on the market and FlexyFoot, the best feet on the market. What do you get? An amazing product that is fit for all round use in any condition.


Charlott joined See No Bounds early 2019. With a love for the outdoors, adventure and people it is  with a strong enthusiasm that she wants to drive the company to the next level. 

With a vast amount of experience both by running her own businesses as well as starting up global businesses within hospitality, retail and upmarket online auction company she is driven to give the best possible service and support to all our customers.  

At See No Bounds we are all about building relationships with our customers and enabling people to find the best possible products for them. 

With the team being built by an end user and a strong customer service base we  believe that we can give the ultimate service and an easy experience finding a product that in many cases will be life changing.

Here at see No Bounds we love new and enabling products that looks at life outside the box and that can definitely been seen in some of the growing range we have on display.

For anymore advice and assistance please feel free to get in touch via any of the contact details available here. 

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