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Competition Time

National Novel Writing Month – 1st – 30th November.

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

See No Bounds Christmas Market – 28th November

Switch on the Lights

Turning On Christmass – 28th November

Welcome to See No Bounds. We are The Gateway to Discovery. An Online Community Centre that offers our members various opportunities. Advertising themselves in The Hub to grow their online presence. A classroom in The School to teach and share skills, A shop in The Marketplace to sell goods and products both manufactured and handmade and a stage on The Events Board to host and promote Events. With the investments of our members we aim to create new opportunities for young people to develop ideas and help them make their mark on the world. We have a mission. To grow. With us growing so will our team. The core of what we do is the community we work with. We are on a journey and we aim to take our members and our community with us so that we can all not only survive but to strive in a new world that needs new ambition.

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