Who Is Jamie See No Bounds?

In January 2014, Jamie See No Bounds woke up not being able to use his legs. After a tedious journey of medical assessment, Jamie was eventually diagnosed with a functional neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

However, instead of focusing on life in a wheelchair! Jamie developed a taste for adventure and turned his frustrations into sparking his creative abilities. He committed to living life outside the box.

Founder of See No Bounds

Jamie is an honoured Winner of the prestigious Brave Britain Award as well as a multi award winner for outstanding achievements.

A ruthless adventurer. A Pioneer for disability sports. Proud member of the Cardiff Archers wheelchair basketball Team. Former welsh international wheelchair rugby player and a member of the South wales Handcycle team in the 2015 Carten100. Jamie’s other achievements include, being the first Wheelchair user ever to attempt and complete the WAAT4 challenge and becoming the first disabled squash player to compete in a tournament against able bodied players.

Jamie has pushed himself to learn new skills such carpentry, following in the footsteps of his late father who passed away in March 2016. Poetry, creative writing and charity work has also been a focus, a way to channel his frustrations into something positive. Using his hands, mind and imagination in crafts, writing and adventure. It is safe to say that Jamie knows how to live life to the full.

Jamie See No Bounds, motivational journey

As a Speaker he has promoted the key to thinking outside the box and is an ambassador for never giving up on your dreams. Let Jamie show you the path to success against all the odds as a motivational guest speaker.

The first time I met Jamie was on a squash court, where I used a “boasting machine”. Who thought that would be easy! He had I running around like a headless chicken, Jamie has kept me on my toes ever since! He is a very energetic, caring and motivating person, who is amazing to be around. I feel very privileged to have Jamie as my friend, a real inspiration!

Kate Gibson