Welcome to See No Bounds

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See No Bounds presents Jamie McAnsh "the man who pulled himself up a mountain with his bare hands"

Jamie’s story started with him waking up with a functional neurological condition, called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). This meant that Jamie lost the use of his legs and he wasn’t sure if or when this would change. Despite this set back he thrived, and in fact went on to win the prestigious Charles Holland Award. 

Jamie now shares this inspirational story, through motivational talking. Working mainly in schools and learning organisations, See No Bounds offers bespoke packages, which offer an honest and enlightening insight into how sport, adventure, and a positive outlook can triumph in adversity. 

See No Bounds is an affiliated stockist of SmartCrutch, Flexyfoot and FDI products.

Jamie is an end user and has road tested these products extensively, so can vouch for all the features and benefits.

All products come with warranty and a friendly aftercare service as standard. We understand our customers, and will strive to deliver a more personal service for the wide range of fantastic products we provide.