WAAT4 Challenge #challenge2015

I have done many challenges for many good charities, I have cycled the coast of south Wales, and I have even climbed Pen Y Fan but never quite like this.

30 kilometres of every terrain known, tarmac, chipping’s, moss, mud, stones and grass even at one point a little stream.

I took on the WAAT4 as part of a work team challenge and it became one of the biggest challenge I have ever faced it has also become the base to

Something more, I cant wait to hit the hills again with a new chair and a better idea of what lays ahead.

So we started off on the road and then after the first check point the mountain formed in front taking on boulders the size of my chair and steep climbs. With my team pulling and pushing with all their might and me using my wheel to ramp over the boulders we managed to overcome the first major challenge of this climb, next came the uneven ground and still steep and hard work, the chair had already started to fell the strain and with a wheel buckled and bent the challenge was quickly becoming harder than anticipated.

11205540_10153579281202868_4918799741776969234_nAs team we competed a few minor repairs that was needed and cracked on to the summit, the weather had moved in and the rain and fog was  definitely against us all, due to the cold people started to struggle with cramp and lactose build up in their legs but team spirit was still very strong and no one gave up.

As we approached the base of the summit the path was almost vertical we sat on the grass and looked up at the towering mountain knowing there was no way the chair would make it with me in it and the guys where never going to be able to pull me up so we was left with 2 options carry me or I do it on my hands.

With a lot of support from the guys I was on my hand for the last 150 feet to the summit and all the way up was hard and gruelling, I knew I would make it there was no way these guys would let me give up now but my god it was not easy and it took will power.

The decent off the mountain was as hard as the climb and the wheelchair had really suffered the rocky paths never let out and the chair and the team was all suffering.

We got to the 19k check point and the right wheel was so badly damaged that it had stopped turning all together so it was decided for my safety and for the benefit of the team that it was time to call it a day.

I was the first wheelchair user to attempt this challenge and I got as far as I could on THAT day but I helped raise a lot of money and I helped raise a lot of awareness making it al worth while and the highlight was being presented with a fantastic award at the end.