Jamie McAnsh Seeking First Aid on Pen Y Fan S. Wales

​See No Bounds  was launched by Jamie McAnsh in January 2014. The initial aim? To engage with individuals with disabilities to try to gain some sort of direction in his own life. The journey  started out on FaceBook and the response was simply mind-blowing. Jamie met some amazing people along the way. on his journey he has learnt so much about his own abilities. Most of all he worried less about his new-found disabilities.

Jamie got into sport and found a life after wheels. After such a positive outcome Jamie decided That he wanted to give back. He set up this website in August of 2014. The idea is to attempt to encourage others back into physical activity. Try sport and active adventures outside the normal classified sports. The hope was to improve quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation. Jamie hopes to build confidence where it may be lacking. He aims to encourage people to try new things. Showing people you can adapt activities to suit their needs is key.

Jamie McAnsh quickly learned that what he was doing here was having an effect. He was helping those around him.

“I believe that we all face challenges, we come up against obstacles that we need to face, a lot of the time it feels that we have to face those challenges alone. I believe that we need two main things in life, the want to get to where we dream of going and the will to face the challenges that we will face on our journey to get there.”

See No Bounds was a journey. It was a story about a guy who woke up one day completely out the blue and had gone from perfectly able to disabled over night. Jamie had to face the fears of his own reality. He didn’t know where to turn or how he was going to get by. Jamie knew one thing though he had a home, bills and a wife to think about and He had to find away to manage. How did he do that? he looked for strength and inspiration, as a result Jamie McAnsh the fighter came alive.

Through regular blogs and page updates Jamie is going to attempt to take you on a journey with him into a  world that many only look at from the other side. He decided he was going to attempt to offer you the opportunity to join him as he travels along the path laid out before him. To gain an insight to what’s inspired him Jamie hopes he can Inspire others in the same kind of way. There are those who feel it is impossible to take on the challenge of life. Jamie McAnsh feels that hopefully he can encourage those who have always wanted to but for some reason never taken the plunge. Jamie believes that through his own experiences and the stories of others he can empower people who have a disability to believe in themselves, after all As Jamie often says.

” I am only human so I have no amazing powers just the heart to try and the ambition to achieve. And I know that you can to if you just find that heart.”

Jamie McAnsh off the beaten track



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