ELITE Breakthrough Solutions

ELITE Breakthrough Solutions
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Hello, I am passionate about people loving life and realising their full potential. Often our life experiences and beliefs limit this fulfilment unnecessarily.
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My work focuses on helping anxious go-getters also known as highly successful stress heads.
These are very capable professionals who have achieved a great deal, despite themselves. They often appear confident, in control and focused. Like swans gliding through life, when in reality they are panicing inside and treading water frantically to stay afloat.
They become perfectionists in fear of being discovered as not good enough. The take on too much to prove that they are worthy of the position, because deep down they feel they don’t deserve what they have. They struggle to find happiness despite everything they have achieved.

Using my bespoke blend of NLP, Reiki, Meditation, Kinetic Shift and OldPain2Go I can design bespoke coaching packages that are laser focussed on the client and achieve exactly the result the client desires.

I also work helping organisation and individuals to build their wellbeing. I am a BSOM certified meditation teacher and we have a team of wellbeing practitioners we use to provide corporate wellbeing packages. Building engagement, motivation as well as emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

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