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Helping you to reduce your costs and increase your income in your home life, in your business life, for your abundant life.
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Feel like you are overpaying for your utilities, or wish you were dealing with a greener, more ethical company for home or business use?

Don’t let your fixed deal roll onto a standard rate your current company will offer you without shopping around! Ecoways can help you find a better deal, and simplify things for you.  

Residential Energy and Utilities:

I work with a utilities provider for residential properties that gives you a great rate, and by amalgamating all your utility bills (gas, electric, broadband, phone etc) into one bill each month, can save you money and hassle. Add in extras like our cashback card, I  can show you how to reduce your bill even further. Utility Warehouse will also plant trees for you, right here in Wales. 

Commercial Utilities: 

Tired of having to deal with many different companies and rates for your commercial energy supply?  Not to mention when those very short exit windows in contracts appear? It can be exhausting, especially if you are managing more than one site. 

For businesses, Ecoways works with a commercial energy broker to make sure your site or sites are on the best possible energy deal. It can get pretty confusing when companies start talking about KVA allowances, tariffs for day and night and climate change levies, so we work with your existing energy company to determine your usage patterns and then work out the best provider and package for you. Not only that, I’m on hand for any customer service issues – saving you the time and worry of sorting out any issues, and spending time on hold with the company. 

It’s never too early to review your business contracts – in fact, the earlier you do, the better. Ecoways can take the hassle and heartache away and help you manage your business costs, meaning that you have the time to doing what you do best – running your business. We can also help you on your carbon net zero journey with solutions to baseline, monitor and reduce your carbon footprint, saving you money and the planet at the same time.

Additional Income:

If you would like to earn an additional income, then Ecoways can help. We can show you how you can make additional money to support your family, or pay for all those little extras each month or year, and possibly earn holidays and rewards along the way. 

To see how Ecoways can save you money and help you on your path to a greener future, please call me on 07800750704  or email me today.  [email protected]

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I would love to work with people who know that there is more to life but don’t know the path to take and maybe just need someone to lead them in the right direction.
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