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Short Business Description:
Business and personal accredited coaching for professionals and leaders.
Super vision for coaches at their learning edge.
Insight and creative thinking with the neuroscience of nature.
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Coaching for your nature. Nature for your coaching. Your and your purpose in total alignment.

It took a Woolworths Saturday job, breeding Welsh ponies and HR roles in construction and medical foods before I found it.

It’s the feeling of being utterly aligned between who you are, what you do and how you do it. It feels amazing. It’s motivating, it’s exciting, it nurtures and sustains focus on what’s important.

When you connect to your purpose, you find strength in your values and unlock the motivation and energy that likes to hide in your busy brain.

Grow your resilience and confidence, recognise and develop your strengths and find comfort in tackling areas for development. When stuck at a career crossroads, enriching or improving your current role, engaging your team or taking a step into the unknown.

You have all you need to achieve this. It might just need letting out.

Coaching can be transformational and empowering. I offer this on virtual platforms, phone and in natural environments. Nature gifts us with proven benefits to mind and body that enhance coaching outcomes.

I specialise in behavioural change and mindset to support success and to increase wellbeing. I use various methods and tools that are pretty common in coaching but I also bring in narratives, tools and metaphors from nature and offer 121 coaching in outdoors spaces across the South West within 50 miles from Wincanton, Somerset.

If you’re further away, fear not – there are ways and means to integrate these benefits. Even if we’re not physically close..

Ease your way through;

•New business, transitions or career changes
•Team dynamics and engagement
•Finding and setting direction
•Employee relations challenges or conflict
•Positive changes and new habits

Choose from Zoom sessions or a range of walks, from an hour to a full day using enriching locations in the South West UK.

☆ Coaches ☆

How do you stay at the learning edge with your practice?

Deepen and enhance your work with your current and future clients with expert Super Vision. Collect new tools and techniques and create a depth of understanding to serve your clients at your best. I offer all of the above plus support with accreditation, ethical enquiry and wellbeing.

I work alongside professional coaches, drawing on a variety of insightful models. My clients strive to be the best for their current and future clients, themselves and to be a shining example of our industry.

MSc Qualified and Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council as a Senior Practitioner.

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