Business Focus Networking

Business Focus Networking
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We’ve taken what’s best in online networking and binned the rest. We’re a Business Networking organisation that’s a little different. Business Focus Networking is run by its members for its members, and we’re focussed on helping our members get more business. You’re welcome to join us wherever you live and work, just book on and see! It’s only £5!
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“I loved it. Thank you!”

Thank you very much for a great meeting.
Thanks Stuart, lovely meeting, and I’ll definitely be booking in next time
I’ve booked on for Friday, thanks for the nudge – it’s a great group
What a pleasure to part of this inclusive and supportive online networking group
The amount of genuine help and ideas given in just 30 minutes is great.
A fantastic meeting Nick. Well Done! I’m already looking forward to next Friday.
One of the most productive networking groups I take part in
You have fostered such a supportive group of people who are willing to help others
I love your networking group it is fab and really well run.
I can see it is a strong group , with some solid relationships, and everyone is very supportive.
I enjoyed the meeting and really liked the format.
Very interesting and enjoyable
Lovely array of business personnel.
Brilliant, I have just paid and am looking forward to committing to the meetings.
None of the other networking meet ups take this trouble – the surgery slot is great here too

If you want to take advantage of one of our super helpful Business Focus sessions or you’d like someone to stand in for you in your absence, you’ll need to have paid for either 6 months’ worth of meetings (£85, or approx. £3.27 per meeting) or 12 months’ worth of meetings (£150, or £2.88 per meeting).

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