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History of See No Bounds

About See No Bounds. An organisation founded by Jamie McAnsh in 2014. The company was born out of Jamie’s personal experience of waking up paralysed, and wanting to find a way to help others who have gone through a similar experience. The company has evolved over the years to become a platform connecting people together who are going through the same journey, a blog and a source of information for those trying to find their way through disability, and a marketplace for a range of products to assist the disabled community to become more active.

In the beginning, Jamie used See No Bounds as a platform to launch his motivational speaking work. He was passionate about helping others, and through See No Bounds he was able to reach a wider audience and provide support and guidance to those in need. As the company grew, Charlott joined the team bringing her skills in events and marketing. Charlott recognised the potential of See No Bounds and developed the concept of using the platform to assist businesses to become more proactive in the disabled market.

In 2020, Jamie and Charlott were faced with the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. As many businesses were forced to pivot and realign their strategies, See No Bounds had the concept and the knowledge to provide a platform to help others do the same. The company evolved to become a centre of the community, helping people to reconnect, grow and establish a new direction.

Today, See No Bounds is still committed to helping people and businesses find their way through the journey from start-up to growth as well as still helping them better understand the disability market. The company has become a hub of activities and informative resources, with the aim of breaking down the barriers of business. Jamie and Charlott are now joined at the helm by Matt Preece of the Business Doctors and Jon Haines of Pob Design all working together using their own experiences to create a large network of businesses creating a community built around support and understanding.

See No Bounds is a testament to the power of resilience and the strength of the human spirit. It is a company that continues to inspire and bring hope to those invested in a business journey of recovery and growth, Jamie and Charlott along with Matt and Jon have built a platform that is helping to bring the business community together, and provide a place for them to be heard respected and developed. The community has grown into a large network of business owners and an interactive platform where you can get connections through your personal profile, get exposure through adding your interesting stuff and business listing in the directory as well as getting support from growing groups and chat functionalities.

Meet the Team

Charlott McAnsh

Charlott McAnsh is the founder of See No Bounds, a network and business community that focus on connecting business owners, give exposure and a place where you will find support. Charlott has over 30 years of experience in events, hospitality, and customer service with a corporate background. Having travelled all over the world she is a master connector, and her goal is to see businesses succeed. She has an understanding for business development and business growth and has created a platform that provides resources and support to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Charlott is an experienced mentor, having helped many young people develop their skills and launch their own businesses. Her work has enabled many to reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen field and years later she keeps connected with the teams she has worked with over the years.

Jamie McAnsh

Jamie McAnsh is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and multi-award winner. In 2014, Jamie woke up paralysed and was told he would never walk again. This inspired Jamie to challenge the status quo and create See No Bounds. Now a growing online network and community for like-minded business owners at all stages of their business journey. Jamie is determined about breaking down the barriers in business and has been recognised as a pioneer in the disability industry. His work alongside organisations such as Princes Trust, Big Ideas Wales and Business in Focus has given Jamie a forum to work with the next generation of young entrepreneurs. The platform has been created to connect start-ups as well as young entrepreneurs with a wide network of established and experienced business owners.

Jon Haines

Jon Haines is the founder of Pob Design, a web development company and part of the See No Bounds team. He has been part of the See No Bounds since 2019 and has been dedicated to create an interactive platform. Jon has a future understanding for web development and a desire to see See No Bounds become the next generation of networking and business growth. He has been instrumental in making the platform user-friendly and intuitive and with his creation of web development has been a great asset to the See No Bounds team.

Matt Preece

Matt Preece is an incredibly valuable asset to See No Bounds. His wealth of business knowledge and experience in sales and business development has been invaluable in helping the business grow and stay on track to help reach its goals. He joined See no Bounds in 2020 and since then has been working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the company is always striving for success. His unique insight and expertise in strategising have been instrumental in helping us to make sound decisions and stay on the path to success.

Louise Muir-Sage

In 2023, Louise became a valued member of See No Bounds, bringing her expertise and dedication to the team. As a liaison between the leadership and the host, her role revolves around ensuring seamless communication and providing excellent client care. With a background in running her own health and fitness company, Louise possesses valuable skills in her industry. Her commitment and organisational abilities make her an exceptional asset to See No Bounds. The team is thrilled to have her on board, confident in her ability to contribute to the organisation’s success.

Sarah Burford

Sarah, a valued addition to the See No Bounds team in 2023, bringing a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of customer service to the organisation. With a keen eye for ensuring members’ needs are met, Sarah knows the importance of providing exceptional care and support, especially during the initial stages of their membership. Her background, having successfully run her own fitness and personal training business for the past 11 years, Sarah has all the skills needed to guide and assist members on their networking journey with See No Bounds. Sarah’s dedication and expertise promise to foster a welcoming and supportive environment for all members as they embark on their networking adventures.

Jessie Mcdermott

Jessie McDermott is a growing talent in the dynamic realm of marketing, specialising primarily in bolstering the presence of personal and professional brands through adept media management and promotional endeavors. Jessie is a true artist at heart. Jessie’s creative flair and meticulous eye for detail stands out in every project, with a distinct and compelling style. Her ability to transcend conventional boundaries ensures that the narratives and missions of See No Bounds will be allowed to stand out and shine. Jessie McDermott is an asset to the brand and her design and marketing passion makes her a pleasure to have on the team.

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