My honest review of the FlexyFoot

My relationship with FlexyFoot has grown and developed from my strong connection with SmartCrutch. My view on this amazing product is simply outstanding. I feel safe and secure when using them on almost any surface. You can also see my review on the Smartcrutch here

Simply connect the foot to the base of your crutch or walking stick and away yo go. You will need to slightly adjust your walking aid for allowance of the foot being that ever so slightly bigger that a normal foot.

Designed to be retro-fit to a variety of walking aids they are available in black and grey, and in four different sizes, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm & 25mm.  There is an additional size designed to fit the SmartCrutch. FlexyFoot is articulated and shock absorbing in the design and will assist in more ways than just grip to the surface.

The bottom part of the ferrule can be replaced easily when it becomes worn or damaged reducing the ongoing cost of owning a Flexyfoot.

What about ice?

FlexyFoot have this thought of this as well. What happens when it freezes or snows? You simply purchase a handy little ice boot that clips onto the end of the foot and with its zigzag spike design you will have stability and grip when you most need it. 

Last winter when we had a lot of snow Charlott and I went out for a walk, I was very stable and never slipped once. Charlott on the other hand was not so good and that was with a good pair of walking boots.

A great little unique addition that again has not been offered anywhere else that I know of. 


For me this is not a luxury item.  This is a life changing product. An investment in my health and well-being but also my safety. I have been using the Flexyfoot on my SmartCrutch now for nearly three years and I can honestly say I would not use anything else. When I first started selling these products in our online Storefront earlier this year, I began to feel that I am helping people to improve their day to day lives. 

For elderly people stability and balance is everything. A simple fall can destroy confidence and if an injury is caused that person can be out of action for months. 

For younger people these products offer freedom and a new form of independence that I simply would not know how to put a price on. For me these are a necessity.

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