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See No Bounds

SmartCrutches NHS. Why is this not a known brand? And, Why are they not readily available?

The answer to the question is simple. Cost. The reason SmartCrutches NHS is not a brand! The NHS serves and supports millions of patients everyday. They have to look at the cost of supplying a suitable service that fits the majority. 

SmartCrutches are well designed and engineered product that has the well being of the user in mind. Designed in South Africa and later exported all over the world they have created a new option to long term crutch use.

Read our review of the product.

NHS style crutches cost the NHS £17 a pair. This figure sound fairly cheap, yet the cost to the NHS every year is nearly £3 million.

So why so much?

Because it has been reported that only a fifth of all crutches, sticks and frames are ever returned, the rest are either in peoples garages, attics or unfortunately landfill. 

This is the reason why the NHS could not afford to supply its patients with a product that would cost them on average between £75 for a single ore £140 for a pair.

Its all down to cost

SmartCrutch Eldow

Most patients that are issued crutches are short term users. So why cant the NHS supply the SmartCrutch to those in greater need or long term use?

Again it comes down to cost. The NHS are forced to keep costs down. Remember these crutches are supplied by the NHS but for by the Tax payer. with constant pressure from the media as well as the health board doctors and Occupational health specialist have their hand tied.

What are the benefits to the SmartCrutch over NHS issued crutches? Simply comfort and reduction of pressure on your wrists and hands. Long term use on standard crutches can lead to conditions such as repetitive strain and tendinitis. 

With the SmartCrutch the pressure is taken through the elbow and shoulder. these are a much stronger muscle group than the wrist.  With the use of a specialised piece of equipment you could save yourself pain and discomfort in the long term.

What is Tendinitis?

Overview – from the Mayo Clinic Website.

Tendinitis is inflammation or irritation of a tendon — the thick fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone. The condition causes pain and tenderness just outside a joint.

While tendinitis can occur in any of your tendons, it’s most common around your shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and heels.

Some common names for various tendinitis problems are:

    • Tennis elbow
    • Golfer’s elbow
    • Pitcher’s shoulder
    • Swimmer’s shoulder
    • Jumper’s knee

Most cases of tendinitis can be successfully treated with rest, physical therapy and medications to reduce pain. If tendinitis is severe and leads to the rupture of a tendon, you may need surgery.



Signs and symptoms of tendinitis tend to occur at the point where a tendon attaches to a bone and typically include:

    • Pain often described as a dull ache, especially when moving the affected limb or joint
    • Tenderness
    • Mild swelling
    • Forearm platform angle adjustable from 22.5° to a 90°. So reducing a uncomfortable and un natural arm position.
    • Height adjustment: 10 positions. To make sure you are fitted correctly but also assists in posture.
    • Forearm platform foam padding – Memory Foam for long lasting comfort. Reducing the risk of repetitive strain.
    • Pressure reduced by up to six times per square centimeter (0.5kg/cm2).
    • Hourglass-shaped crutch ferrule design, maximises surface contact.

A good set of crutches for long term use is an investment that the NHS does not have the budget for so it does not look like SmartCrutches NHS will become a thing. However, as a end-user of the product Jamie first became an ambassador of the product and has shown his trust in them many times. Climbing mountains as well as long distance use, and even more so with his plan climb up Everest next year. as someone who suffers nerve pain with his condition CRPS Jamie understands fully the benefit of what something like the Smartcrutch can offer. The SmartCrutch range is currently in stock in our Shop. Please follow the link. Thank you for reading SmartCrutches NHS and hopefully it has given an insight to the product, its benefits and why it is so important to invest in your health. Unfortunately we can not rely on the NHS and its already pressured resources for. A system that is already abused and miss used.  

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