My Gallery

I welcome you to take a look at my gallery, here are a few extra photos that i have not added to the blog or pages. Please follow any added link to gain more info on each area. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

The van build 

Here is a gallery based on the build of my Van. A 2002 plate LDV Conway.  As you can see by the images there was a lot of areas I had to address.

  • Rust – Before I even started fitting out the van i had to strip out ply boards and water soaked flooring to asses the damage.
  • repairs – I have had to repair areas such as the clock housing that had been smashed. still to repair are the mirrors and doors.
  • Welding – where there is rust there is welding and plenty of it. I have been very lucky to have Mike on hand to assist.
  • Insulation – i hate this stuff but it is a must.
  • Painting – once everything has been welded it has to be protected.
  • Timber – using timber to clad and build is great but comes at a cost.
  • Timber scorching- go slow and steady for the best results

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I love this place with its history and architecture. Bath is busy but full of places to go and little areas to escape and enjoy the surroundings.

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I can come to this little town of Cheddar a million times and still never get fed up. So much more than just the Caves and the Gorge.

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