The Founders

“Jamie and Charlott’s enthusiasm is just infectious”

See No Bounds was founded in January 2014 by Jamie McAnsh. After waking up paralysed Jamie wanted to reach out to a community of people who had to adapt and diversify. During the early years it was all about the community and connecting via blogs and podcasts. Jamie became a multi award winning speaker, including winning the prestigious Charles Holland Award. 

Charlott has a love for community and has many years of experience in business growth and development with customer service being at the heart of her success. As an entrepreneur she has had the pleasure to work with and run teams within the hospitality industry but also has first-hand experience of corporate pressure. Charlott has a love for people and wants to help people by not only sharing her story but also to build a community.

Live at 5

Live a 5 camera

Jamie and Charlott

Jamie McAnsh

See No Bounds started its journey in 2014 and became a well-known brand. In 2015 Jamie McAnsh took on a new challenge for every month and raised over £250,000 for a variety of charities. 

This led to a career as a motivational speaker and Jamie also became a multi award winner. In 2018 Jamie decided to bring the business to a new level and took on the business full time and also extended the platform. Jamie has worked with young people as an entrepreneurial role model for some time and this year we are delighted to be working with Big Ideas Wales. In 2019 Charlott left her corporate career to take on a full time role within See No Bounds which was expanding fast and took on the role as a Client Liaison Manager and a PA to Jamie McAnsh. 

The business was thriving and had a huge support within the disability market. Fast forward to January 2020 and as our weather in the UK was affected badly by storms our stock was not available and in March we found ourselves, like so many without business, all our work within schools and learning organisations was cancelled, as well as the motivational and after dinner speaking. March 2020 was the start of our fast-growing community and we decided to develop See No Bounds to what it was always meant to be – an online community where the heart of our company is Our Hub. 

Our Hub is a business directory that we like to call ‘ on steroids! See No Bounds prides itself on our values – The 4 P’s – passion, personality, progress and prosper. We want to see people succeed. We work with our members to make the true character behind the brand visible. With the right mix of Passion, Personality and Progress you will be guaranteed to prosper.