Kate Gibson

The first time I met Jamie was on a squash court, where I used a “boasting machine”. Who thought that would be easy! He had I running around like a headless chicken, Jamie has kept me on my toes ever since! He is a very energetic, caring and motivating person, who is amazing to be around. I feel very privileged to have Jamie as my friend, a real inspiration!

Kymin View Primary School

Jamie arrived at Kymin View fully armed and ready to deliver an inspirational session for the children. His ability to engage pupils from the off is incredible…not using any traditional teaching approaches of course, that would not suit Jamie. You see, these guy just has a way of removing barriers that could be considered awkward, making them instead, accessible, real and relevant. He was in and out of all his various chairs, up on his crutches and back on the floor showing children how he manoeuvred. He answered every question posed and allowed the children to try his chairs out at the end of the session. His message was very strong and clear: ‘What do you do if you fall over?’ he questioned the children at the end of the session. ‘Get back up,’ responded the children with a cheer. And weeks later, his message is still at the very forefront of the children’s minds. When other children get stuck in class you will hear another pupil say, ‘remember it doesn’t matter if you fall over, you just have to get back up and try again.’ Such an inspirational person who has certainly changed the lives of our pupils and staff. Thank you Jamie

Brian Fakir

I recently had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with Jamie at a talk he gave about his journey at Best of Torfaen breakfast at Grenmeadow Golf Club. Last time I met him before this a couple of years ago, we sat next to each other at a breakfast, that was the last time I saw him able-bodied. All I can say is how courageous he is, to turn a potentially negative experience into a very positive and empowering one. Jamie’s desire to help others above himself is extremely heartwarming and I will continue to support him on his further exploits. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet or hear him speak make the effort to do so.

Roger E Daniels

On the 16th December I was at The Bestof Torfaen networking breakfast where I meet Jamie I was inspired by being in his company. Jamie delivered a ten minute inspiration talk on his life before and after his accident that revealed that if have a desire to live life to the full, whatever your circumstances, you are your own restriction.
I am looking forward to meet Jamie in January at Cymru Associates network lunch.

Teresa Davies

” Jamie is an inspiration! He recently came to speak to my Ladies Group where he amazed us all with the story of how he faced the challenges of his newly diagnosed condition by giving himself yet more challenges. His easy, relaxed presentation left the ladies buzzing with enthusiasm; after making him promise to return when he has completed his next big challenge to tell us all about it.”

Morgan Jenkins

I have had the immense and amazing opportunity of being a part of Jamie’s journey in the past 2 years. I was with him originally for the first Waat4 of 2015 and was alongside him again on the second attempt of 2016. The experience as a whole was very rewarding and emotional. I loved every moment; not just because I was honoured to be apart of the team in doing something incredible but because of the time I spent with Jamie, Natalie, Jake and Toni to name a few. These people are truly inspirational and made the journey that much more rewarding and amazing. Furthermore, I have never felt such a rush of adrenaline, pride and achievement than when I crossed that finish line with the entire team. A truly emotional and incredible experience which I am forever going to be proud of doing and will never forget for the rest of my life.