My Honest FlexyFoot Review

My Honest FlexyFoot Review

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My Honest FlexyFoot Review!

So here it is My honest FlexyFoot Review.  My name is, as many of you know Jamie McAnsh, the founder of See No Bounds and a full time user of disability aids. I still use my wheelchair on the days that my condition Complete Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is at its worst.

On good days I am up and about using my SmartCrutches. When I first reviewed the product almost three years ago, the first thing I commented on was the feet. I found that the hour glass design was good on day to day use. However, I didn’t want to settle for day to day use. I wanted to take the SmartCrutch off road. I wanted to climb mountains. The standard feet was simply not going to cut it.

FlexyFoot off road

FlexyFoot added to the SmartCrutch.

When I contacted SmartCrutch and advised of my opinion with the hour glass feet, they soon responded. 

They had traced down a new product that would change everything about the SmartCrutch. They added the FlexyFoot to the Crutches and now you have the best crutches on the market with the best feet on the market and a set of ‘go anywhere crutches’ that are simply life changing.

But Why?

So the FlexyFoot has three very unique selling points. 

    • Firstly, they are as they are described Flexible. If you have used crutches or sticks for a long time you would at some point have slipped on tile flooring, possibly in a supermarket. The reason for this is because at the point of most impact (i.e when the crutches are in front of you and you are about to lean into the next step) the standard ferrule only has about 2% of contact on the floor, not ideal. With the FlexyFoot the ferrule flexes so at that same point you actually have 100% contact with the floor. Much better, safer and for me it gives me that confidence to go anywhere.
    • Secondly, there is a cushion style pad between the foot and the crutch. Yes, this is what creates the flexible movement. It is also what offers the full movement with that extra bit of cushion adding to the overall comfort of the end product. If you are using the FlexyFoot on a cane for example I don’t believe there is another product on the market that creates a suspension style addition to canes. The benefits for the user will be felt in the wrists. For me I put a lot of weight through my crutches and the bellows design is exactly what I need.
    • And thirdly,  easy to change and replace. Fortunately I don’t have issues with my hands so I can only half comment but the overall view from customers is that it is easy to change. To change the lower section of the foot you simply pull and twist. The upper section stays in place and the lower section comes away. Replace and carry on. You can purchase the new sections individually in our shop. 
FlexyFoot on ice

What about ice?

FlexyFoot have this thought of. What happens when it freezes or snows? You simply purchase a handy little ice boot that clips onto the end of the foot and with its zigzag spike design you will have stability and grip when you most need it. 

Last winter when we had a lot of snow Charlott and I went out for a walk, I was very stable and never slipped once. Charlott on the other hand was not so good and that was with a good pair of walking boots.

A great little unique addition that again has not been offered anywhere else that I know of. 

FlexyFoot Ice Boot and Ferule


For me this is not a luxury item.  This is a life changing product. An investment in my health and well-being but also my safety. I have been using the Flexyfoot on my SmartCrutch now for nearly three years and I can honestly say I would not use anything else. When I first started selling these products earlier on this year I feel that I am helping people to improve their day to day lives. 

For elderly people stability and balance is everything. A simple fall can destroy confidence and if an injury is caused that person can be out of action for months. 

For younger people these products offer freedom and a new form of independence that I simply would not know how to put a price on. For me these are a necessity.

FlexyFoot replacement
Lower Flexyfoot section
FlexyFoot Ferrule
Complete FlexFoot Ferrule

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