Smartcrutch SMALL


SMALL Measurements & Notes

  • Smartcrutch SMALL is intended for smaller forearms circumferences measuring  between 21 cm and 27 cm.
  • Cuff length 200 mm from handle to top of cuff.
  • Height Range from 136 cm to 175 cm.
  • Accommodates adults with a slight/petite build.
  • Weight Limit for Non Weight Bearing use is 120kg (Swinging through the SmartCRUTCH with both legs).
  • Weight Limit for Weight Bearing use is 140kgs (Using the SmartCRUTCH for stability and balance whilst walking).
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Specification Smartcrutch SMALL
Weight of Single SmartCRUTCH 1001g
Forearm Length Range 19-23cm
Circumference Range of Cuff 21-27cm
Height Ranges for user with length of
lower leg used at that range
136-145cm (400mm Lower leg)
146-155cm (500mm Lower leg)
156-165cm (500mm Lower leg)
166-175cm (600mm Lower leg)
Elbow Height Range at 20º- 60º Angle
Elbow Height Range at the 60º – 90º
Angle Setting
User Weight Limit – NON-Weight
Bearing Use (used to swing through)
User Weight Limit – Weight Bearing
Use (for Stability & Balance)

Please also look at the SmartCrutch Medium and Large for other size options.

Additional information

Pair, Left or right

Pair, Left, Right


Black, Blue, Purple, Grey, Red, Pink

Your Height (cm)

136 – 145 cm (400mm Lower Leg), 146 – 155 cm (500mm Lower Leg), 156 – 165 cm (500mm Lower Leg), 166 – 175 cm (600mm Lower Leg)

Your Forearm Length (cm)

19, 20, 21, 22, 23

Forearm Circumference (cm)

21 – 27


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