How to Get Fired-Up When Feeling Locked -Down


Written by Odette Woods Agsm, PgDip Rncm, Rn


That is the Six Million Dollar Question for people all over the world right now as we navigate our way through the  tentatively organised chaos in our personal and business lives during the Covid 19 Lockdown:


How on Earth to Get Fired-up in a World in Lockdown?

Never to my knowledge, in lifetimes  gone by, have there been such dramatically  imposed restrictions on our liberty,  our self-expression, our freedom to be and our ability to be self-determined and independent in our everyday lives. Never before has there been such an opportunity however, to take a pause, to detach from the hum drum of daily life (something we eagerly fantasized about before), to focus within and listen to what’s going on for us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So, how can we make sense of all that’s going on and find inspiration not just to get through  the current situation, but to transform how we relate to many social agreements, beliefs and habits which no longer serve us, in a way that improves life and how we live?

In this Pdf book packed with tools and insights  for self- empowerment gained over many years, you can fast-track your progress and galvanize your action plan whatever your current life circumstances. This will allow  you to then  plug back into the source of your power and  get back to living an inspired life on purpose.

Your Future Awaits!