Cancer Diagnosis- A New Way Forward


Inspiring Limitless Lives

          Written by Odette Woods Agsm, PgDip Rncm, Rn


Immediately following a cancer diagnosis there are so many important decisions to be made as the machinery for cancer treatment can grind into action before you have even caught your breath. Too many people are dis-empowered by failing to fully own and evaluate their choices at this critical time and these same choices, can directly influence long term prognosis.

I am passionate about people having informed choice and this book has been written to share some of what I have learned, in guiding hundreds of cancer patients over 25 years, from diagnosis through remission, to recovery and beyond. My aim is to stack the odds in your favour, to support and guide your way forward, not just to recovery, but beyond that, to reclaim the future you envision for your best life imaginable.

Written to defuse the shock of a cancer diagnosis and to separate what’s true, from how you might be interpreting it. Looking at what is going on from a holistic point of view, discover what it feels like to begin to move from a feeling of helplessness, to confidently revitalizing your power, taking full responsibility for your health and well-being. Shift from fear to hope and then trust, clarifying a new vision for your future life beyond cancer.