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Greeting Cards- special offer- free postage for limited period. 

Prints and original images- £3.99.

Delivery – We aim to deliver within 7 working days for all prints. Commissioned work will have a longer delivery time.

Contact – Link

Get to know Judy

I knew from a fairly early age that I was able to draw and enjoyed drawing from pictures rather than from real life.  

I left school and attended a Foundation course in Art and Design which was the first step to deciding if I wanted a career in the art world and if so in which medium.

I originally wanted to become an architect as I love unusual buildings and hated seeing so many empty magnificent buildings being left to decay. Unfortunately I was unable to take this course as I did not have a Technical drawing qualification so had to hastily rethink my plans.

I took a Shopfitting and Exhibition design course but this was not the type of career I wanted so I very soon realised that I really only wanted to draw for mine and other peoples pleasure so here I am today!  I draw for family and friends and take immense pleasure seeing how pleased they are with the outcome.  I thoroughly enjoy re-creating images of animals as their eyes are the mirror to their soles, get this right and the whole picture soon comes together.

What I need from you is a few pictures of your pet or favourite animal. These pictures must be taken by you or be available free of copywright. You can e-mail the photos or send them via post. For me it is all about the light so if I need any more specifics I would let you know.

An A5 drawing without frame will be £30

An A4 drawing without frame will be £50

An A3 drawing without frame will be £75

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