‘The Ultimate Confidence Booster’ 4 Week Online Programme

‘The Ultimate Confidence Booster’ 4 Week Online Programme
12 Jun 12:00 pm BST £0.00


If you’re ready to reconnect with your confidence and you’re fed up of doubting yourself and your abilities then this programme is for you

What one thing would you do if you were more confident?

Apply for that promotion?

Say no instead of always saying yes?

Feel comfortable having difficult conversations?

We can all be confident. However, our experiences during life and the influence of others can either build us up or knock us down. I want you to know that confidence is in you. You just need to reconnect with it, if you want to.

The good news is confidence can be learnt. With practice, you can become the confident person you want to be.

It’s not about being an extrovert. It’s not about being loud. It’s simply about deciding who you want to be. And deciding to actually be that person.

If you’re ready, then I’d like to help.

I invite you to join my Ultimate Confidence Booster 4-Week Online Programme

This programme is about taking you from constantly doubting yourself to being the confident person you want to be, armed with the tools and techniques necessary to help you deal with any situation.

Programme details:
* The programme officially starts on 12th June.

* The programme is limited to just 12 delegates.

* The programme starts with a one-hour live interactive workshop on Zoom at 12:00 on 12th June. During the workshop:
– I’ll work with you to understand your confidence struggles.
– I’ll give you specific tools and techniques to resolve your struggles.
– I’ll help you identify what being confident means and looks like to you.
– I’ll help you identify and decide what action you need to take next so you can achieve your confident goals.
– Your workshop outcomes will form the basis for the rest of the programme and I’ll be supporting you to meet those goals.

* You will also be invited to join a Private Facebook group where the majority of the work will happen.
– The Facebook group will be active for 4 weeks post the initial workshop
– You will have lifetime access to all the material that I share in the group.
– I’ll go live each week to keep you motivated, help you to stay on track and answer your questions.
– each week you will be given simple exercises to complete that will help you to achieve your personal confident goals.
– each week I will pose questions to find out how you are doing and provide you with the support you need to complete the programme.
– this group will act as your accountability group where you will be able to support each other during your journey to becoming more confident and help you achieve your confidence goals that you identified during the online zoom workshop.

The total investment for this 4-week online group programme is £99.

In just 4 weeks, you will achieve your confidence goals and you will feel more confident and be more comfortable in your skin.

Now is the time to take action and invest in reconnecting with your confidence so that you can live freely and no longer be held back by your doubts and lack of self-belief.

ONLY 12 SPACES AVAILABLE – Book your place today

Frequently Answer Questions
Q: Which platform will the initial workshop be delivered on?
A: The webinar will be hosted on Zoom.

Q: Is there an early bird offer?
A: Yes for a limited amount of time you can book your place for £75.

Q: What if I do not use Facebook?
A: In order for you to benefit most from this programme you need to be able to join the Facebook group however you will also receive email updates. 


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