The Confident Communicator

The Confident Communicator
24 Nov 09:30 am GMT £0.00


A 1 day in person live training event for business owners who know they want to feel a solid inner confidence when they speak in public and turn that into more quality conversations and connections from their networking events.

Many feel their voice is stuck on the inside of them and they are simply not expressing the value of their services, building credibility or creating sales conversations and referrals from their networking.

This one day event will turn public speaking training inside out and unlock your natural gravitas and abilities, your voice, energy and presence.

In just 1 day you will be able to read the room better, communicate the value of your services and products, understand the 3 circles of influence and walk away with genuine opportunities to do business and make relevant connections.

If you’re unsure and afraid of speaking, and feel you are hiding, playing it safe, this is for you.

If networking feels like you are standing there feeling like a fish out of water or that you don’t have the words or gift of the gab to become effective in sharing your business in a meaningful way that leads to more referrals and opportunities. This is for you too.

It’s time to stop standing in the corner or sitting in the back row and holding back, because the cost isn’t just financial, it’s emotional and hurts your credibility.

As a small business owner your network is your net worth, but if you are uncomfortable connecting and creating conversations, presenting and speaking in public, then that is really going to limit your effectiveness and makes bringing in businesses even harder.

It’s time to stop being envious at events of the people that seem to have the gift of the gab or be right in the centre of the in crowd, and be in demand and in command of your speaking yourself.

It’s time to come out of your shell, tap into the inner confidence that is inside of you and begin to stand out in the mind of your ideal clients.

Don’t let another conversation fall flat, without a positive and actionable result from your networking.

Stop missing opportunities that are all around you, and find the words that you really want to say in the moment, and not a day later, once you’ve left the event.

Know that you can enter any room all zoom with confidence and know that your emails are welcomed because you are remembered.

By combining the skills and experience of both public speaking and networking, Angela and Tracey will draw out the real authentic communicator in you so that you can both feel confident to express your services and become top of mind to your ideal audience.

Tracey noticed years ago that many business owners felt uncomfortable when speaking in public and knew this was affecting their ability to create more opportunities and she wanted to support and help her members to network effectively. While running Introbiz she has seen common mistakes which she will share on the training, so you can avoid them and increase your chances of success.

Angela is a voice coach and has been working with senior leaders and business owners to speak with impact and influence since 2012. She knows how to bring people’s voices, communication skills and confidence to life. She will help you discover your voice and your confidence, so you can say what you really want to say

Price £197 including lunch and tea/coffee

Early bird offer of ONLY £97 if you book by 18th November 2022

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