See No Bounds Bristol Temple Meads

See No Bounds Get Connected Bristol Temple Meads

See No Bounds Get Connected  Bristol Temple Meads
13 Feb 08:30 am GMT £0.00


The Event

See No Bounds Get Connected Bristol Temple Meads. Bristol, situated in the Southwest of England, is celebrated for its dynamic and diverse business scene, making it a prime location for networking. This city thrives on a mix of sectors including creative arts, technology, aerospace, and finance, providing a wide range of networking opportunities for professionals in different fields. The city’s flourishing startup culture, alongside its top-tier universities, creates an innovative and collaborative atmosphere. Additionally, Bristol’s compact geography and efficient transport system encourage easy travel and facilitate more in-person interactions and spontaneous networking opportunities.

Amidst Bristol’s energetic business environment, See No Bounds Get Connected emerges as a leading networking hub. This platform is tailored to capitalize on Bristol’s unique business ecosystem, offering a variety of events and activities that suit diverse professional needs. From interactive workshops and informative seminars to relaxed social gatherings, See No Bounds Get Connected creates ideal environments for forging meaningful connections, sharing ideas, and uncovering new prospects. Its inclusive nature ensures that individuals from different backgrounds and sectors can come together to engage and collaborate. Engaging with this dynamic community allows professionals in Bristol to not only broaden their networks but also acquire valuable insights and knowledge, essential for both personal and professional development.

What to expect

  • Hello and welcome
  • 10 sec intro round – no need to rehearse your 60 seconds pitch
  • 4 1:1’s where you really get to know the members
  • Who is looking for who

We have worked hard to keep the See No Bounds Get Connected network meetings as simple and beneficial as possible. We have designed our meetings to be easily accessible and understandable, with a focus on helping our members build meaningful relationships with each other. We have also sought to make our meetings as interactive as possible, allowing for members to come together and share stories, ideas and experiences. By keeping the meetings simple and focused, we strive to ensure that our members are getting the most out of their time. We want our members to come away feeling inspired and motivated to make the most of the opportunities they have been presented with.



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