Recognising the Path to Burnout

Recognising the Path to Burnout
8 Jun 07:00 pm BST £0.00


Is life becoming to much? Have you lost your way? Do you feel alone? Is overwhelm your constant companion? If so this webinar is for you!

To mark my 13th burnout Anniversary I am holding a ‘Free’ seminar on the 8th June to help others recognise the 7 signs they are not coping in the hope it will assist others not go where I went.

June 2009 saw me at the doctors sobbing that I couldn’t go on, I was told I had to stop work and take a sick note or I would be hospitalized within two weeks! My diagnosis was clinical depression and severe anxiety, essentially burnout in its rawest form. I was scared, embarrassed and felt such a failure, others were coping, why wasn’t I?

Join me on this webinar where I will share with you the 7 signs I should have noticed earlier, I will share my journey with complete honesty and will demonstrate the tools I put in place to help me on my journey to recovery.

You are not alone, it is ok not to be ok and there is wisdom in knowledge.


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