Planning that works for and with you

Planning that works for and with you
14 Jul 10:30 am BST £0.00


Join me on a journey to reverse engineer your dreams and find a planning process that works for you and with you.

This is a master planning workshop that shares the White Tiger planning process, something that you will be able to adopt and use again and again.

Come with an open and curious mind its going to be fun, Yes I said it planning can be fun.

You will have a little homework exercise before you start to get you thinking about what you want to plan to get the best from the workshop.

You will leave with a clear picture of the way that suits you best and the start of your next 90 day plan for you and your business. You can then integrate and work with the knowledge to find your own planning process and a clear way ahead.

There will also be the opportunity to share together in a peer learning style group to show your result if desired.


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