How to publish a podcast in 4 easy steps with Maria Newman

How to publish a podcast in 4 easy steps with Maria Newman
7 Jun 01:00 pm BST £0.00


I will show you how simple it is to create and publish a podcast in less than one hour.
Podcasting is so simple, one of my clients published her first episode in less than THREE hours of completing this one hour workshop.
Do you want to publish a podcast?
Does it seem far too difficult?
Are you worried about the tech?
What if I told you it’s easier than you think and you don’t need to invest any money?
Then this online workshop is what you need.
My name is Maria Newman and I have my own podcast the ‘Mummy on a Break Podcast’, which I’ve been creating and publishing without using fancy equipment and at no extra cost.
During this one hour interactive online workshop, I will take you through a simple 4 step process to take you from a blank piece of paper to actually publishing your first episode.
I will show you that publishing a podcast doesn’t need any fancy equipment. You just need the enthusiasm to create great content and a mobile phone.
By the end of the hour you will:
*Have everything you need to publish your first episode.
*Know how to create and publish a podcast from blank paper to publishing episode 1.
*Be ready to publish your podcast.
*Have developed ideas and content for your podcast.
*Know how to host your podcast.
*Know how the tech works so you can record and publish your podcast.
*Know how to get your podcast in front of your audience
*Get plenty of tips and hints.
*Know how easy it is to publish a podcast.
This workshop is for you if:
*you’re keen to start podcasting but you don’t know where to start.
*you’re overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and you just want someone to help you start.
*you’ve tried to publish a podcast but are still researching how to do it.


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