Group Past Life Healing Session In Person

Group Past Life Healing Session In Person
11 May 07:00 pm BST £0.00


This event is being co hosted by Yvonne Parker and Samantha Jayne to explore your past lives and then heal them.
Would you like to experience your Past Lives and then heal them?
During this extended session Yvonne Parker, Hypnotherapist will take you into hypnosis and regress you back through time to explore any past lives that you may have experienced. You will discover these memories and what your story was!
You may discover and find prior lives that have deep rooted connections with who you are and you will find out if there are any lessons to be learnt or gained for you in your current life and situation.
After you have discovered your past life, Spiritual Coach and Healer, Samantha Jayne will then be bringing in the healing energies to release any negative energy connected to the past life that is playing out in your life. Releasing you to feel lighter and brighter.
Limited places available for this small in person group session.
Group sessions are non refundable after purchase so please ensure you are able to attend before booking.
Please wear comfortable clothing, and socks to keep your feet warm, and bring a bottle of water.
Please bring your own pillow and some water and a extra blanket to keep warm during the past life healing session so that you will be able to deeply relax into the hypnosis and healing.
The Cost of this event is £66 per person


Bookings are closed for this event.


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