Get Social with Reels – New Mini Tutorial – Available to buy now

Get Social with Reels - New Mini Tutorial - Available to buy now
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I’ve been working away in the background on a new online tutorial that I think you will love….Get Social with Reels.

Unless you have been living on a desert island, you cannot fail to have heard about Reels – or ‘short form’ video as it’s known in videography circles.

I know many of you be rolling your eyes at this point and may well be reaching for the delete button but STOP! Please don’t dismiss this just yet, as it really will help you grow the reach of your Instagram and Facebook accounts. AND, as we all know, reach leads to more engagement which can lead to more sales.

So why are Reels worth embracing? Why should you be spending time getting to understand them a little better? 

It’s simple…Reels will grow your reach. More people will see them because Instagram’s algorithm serves them to more people. How? Here are just some of the reasons why…

  • Reels are immediately shared to people who are not following you, as well as those who are.
  • Reels continue to reach non-followers for days, often weeks. And in total can reach thousands of people and potential new followers.
  • Reels have their own icon and home within Instagram but can also be shared to your Grid as well as your Stories. Giving you three hits for the effort of one!

So, you can see, Reels can be super powerful and for those of you who say you lack the time to post regularly to your platforms, Reels will enable you to reach so many more people, therefore making your time investment much more palatable! 

Many people have the preconception that a Reel has to include looking silly, dancing or miming. This is absolutely not true. In fact you can make reels using just photographs. (I thought that might get your attention!)

So if you would like to find out more about how to incorporate Reels into your social media strategy as well as learn the basic tactics required to put together a great Reel then we can help you.

We launched Get Social with Reels on 30th June (Social Media Day) and would love for you to be a part of it.

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