Establish Boundaries and Manage Expectations

Establish Boundaries and Manage Expectations
13 Jun 12:30 pm BST £0.00


Do you find yourself saying yes to the things because you feel like it is the ‘right thing to do’?

Are you feeling exhausted by continuous people pleasing which is leaving you resentful?


Quite often we do things to please other people or because we feel it is ‘the right thing to do’ because we don’t feel worthy enough or have the self-belief in putting our needs first.

A lot of this can be at the expense of ourselves emotionally, physically, and mentally.  So, if we don’t look after our boundaries and expectations, we can start to feel taken advantage of and then struggle to find time for ourselves. 

Join me for this 1-hour workshop where we will:

  • Gain awareness of how much of a people pleaser you are.
  • Learn the different types of boundaries and how you can implement some tools to help you set them.
  • Appreciate where expectations come from and what you can do differently and approach it with confidence.
  • Learn how you can manage these more effectively so you feel more in control.


Here’s what a previous attendee said:

I’m really glad to have attended the workshop by Louise on ‘Managing Expectations’ – it’s definitely an area I’ve struggled with over the years. Both in my corporate career and more recently in family life, too.

Louise was inspiring, thoughtful and patient, in offering useful insight and advice on the topic. Yes, a good few things I’d heard or read before (but forgotten, so it was very good that she was able to shine a reminder light on those again!) and significantly, new perspectives.

I’m grateful too that she was able to open the space for discussing personal experiences. A topic like this can be sensitive, however I found her approach more understanding and practical than other sessions I’ve attended. It’s given me food for thought towards why I’ve experienced some of the difficulties I have, and useful tips on better handling those in future. Thank you Louise.”  (RS)


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