Creating Irresistible Offers Workshop

Creating Irresistible Offers Workshop
23 Nov 02:00 pm GMT £0.00


This is for coaches, creative industry freelancers and service-based businesses who want to create irresistible offers that they are as passionate about delivering as clients are buying them. 

Do you:

  • Struggle to define how you could package your coaching service

  • Have so many ideas you can’t work out which will sell or want to deliver

  • Find people say they love what you do, but don’t have a need for it right now

  • Focus on the details of the offer before you have even found out if people want it? Eg should it be 4 weeks or 12, but I really want 6 months but don’t think they will go for that….

  • Find yourself agonising over your freebie, trying to pour everything into it so people might want your bigger thing. 
    • Having the confidence to know what you and your clients really need and simply creating offers they are glad you created?
    • Battle on selling one-off sessions, even though you don’t want to, but “they” can’t afford more. Does any of that sound like you? 

      Like many we work with, you probably realise that you can’t sell what you can’t see and you can’t create clients when you can’t communicate the value and relevance of the offer to someone who has a problem you know you can solve.

      You also probably realise that just working on an ideal client avatar doesn’t mean they will buy. 

      You want to provide exceptional value and want to create offers that allow you to do the deeper transformational work with your clients and get paid well for it too (and if that’s the case then you definitely need this workshop) There’s no shame in that. 

      Imagine explaining to someone how your 12 week or 4 week or 6 month program works and seeing the smile on their face, asking when they can start and happily paying your deposit or full price?

      • Imagine having the understanding and ability to easily know how to craft future offers that you know are more likely to sell. 
      • What could your bank balance look like knowing you have offers that people are saying yes to, and deeply enjoying doing the work you are best at doing?
      • How many more hours will you free up to grow your business or take time off to take care of you by unsubscribing from all those webinars and courses you buy because they promise to reveal the big secret you are missing?

    That’s why the Creating Irresistible Offers can be the gamechanger for you, taking you from feeling confused and frustrated to captivating and a conversation ninja, all because in this immersive 2.5 hour Workshop, you will be implementing as we go. 


    • How to map out an offer you are excited to deliver
    • Root out your resistance and have an offer created
    • Understand your potential customer’s biggest obstacles to buying from you.
    • 7 common “offer” mistakes

    The Creating Irresistible Offer Workshop is a 2.5 hour live workshop where you will go through the exact steps needed to plan out an offer that buyers find exciting and irresistible.

    Implementing from start to finish, if you struggle to put all the pieces together with the right words or find yourself trying to add in the kitchen sink, you will learn what people are actually going to buy and streamline the rest. 

    But it doesn’t end there. You will get my in person help and laser sharp focus so you feel super clear on what will make your offer a no brainer to say yes to. I will even throw in a further 30 min strategy call with me for those who need it.

    What would life be like if you….

    • Stop doubting your ability to deliver 
    • Know what your customers needs to hear from you
    • 1000% can express the true value of your offers
    • Could attract less of what you don’t want and more of what you do
    • Could rewrite your track record of conversations that go nowhere
    • Trusted you could  sit down and create more offers that sell well
    • Confidently share your offers without imposter syndrome or feeling pushy

    Unlike other courses you’ve tried out there, where you get lost in video 2 because there is no one to ask or brainstorm creative ideas with, I have created 3 businesses from scratch and had to create an initial offer and sell it personally. I have done that even with the same offer at different price points so I have been there and know the fears and yeah butts… that come up.  My clients create amazing brand offers that are saleable and scalable.

    You will not only have created an offer that answers the needs of the buyer, but one that also doesn’t overlook the objections. We will build in small (and here is the irresistible part) actions and resources that stop your potential client getting stuck in the same places they usually do, meaning you become their magic wand magician. 

    I hope this makes you feel a bit excited! I am!

    You can book a place on this workshop for £111 BUT  for the next 36 hours we are making it FREE to sign up!  In full transparency this workshop will be recorded and will then become a product on our website for at least £222.

    So there is no obstacle to you joining me to create an irresistible offer. Especially not the ability to afford to come. 

    Picture never feeling you have to convince someone that your work is vital, valuable and transformational.What would it mean to see the relief on a new client’s face because they finally felt they had hit gold because they had come across you and your programs?


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