Create your sustainable business foundation

Create your sustainable business foundation
1 Jun 12:00 pm BST £0.00


Are you a business owner or leader that’s no longer sure how to create the company you set out to build?

Do you work hard every day but the issues you face indicate things are missing from the foundation of your business?

Are you ready to make changes so you and your employees love your work and your company?

There are a lot of challenges that small businesses need to navigate, making it easy to lose your way. This workshop is designed to get you back on track, establishing the right way to operate for your employees and your company.

In this workshop you’ll:

  1. Set the business direction.
  2. Establish the core behaviours of your business.
  3. Create a sustainable way of working that promotes people and the planet.

You’ll complete key business documents that embody a people-led approach to business. Your company will become an ethical and sustainable business that inspires employees and customers alike.

 Your new way of operating will ensure:

  • your employees feel aligned to the business’s purpose and procedures
  • employee engagement improves
  • motivation is upgraded
  • customer satisfaction increases
  • company turnover is raised

In just 2 hours, you’ll have a conscious approach to business that sets you on a new path to success.

What previous attendees have said:

“Lucy provided a thought-provoking and engaging workshop that covered many areas of running a business. Her ideas and encouragement to think differently about various aspects of how I operate my business have given me many ideas for changes that can be made, particularly when it comes to sustainability. I would thoroughly recommend taking a couple of hours to explore this fascinating subject area and find out what a difference it could make to your business.”

J Ruddock, Beacon Creative


“In our world of environmental and ethical awareness, the workshop discusses how good ethics and applying them consciously is important for all size of business.

Lucy presents a clear, easy-to-follow, and well-informed workshop, and the duration of 2 hours allows a perfect pace for the material covered.

Conscious business is the way forward, and Lucy has her finger firmly on the pulse.”

 L Wells, Stress Solutions Strategist


The workshop results are worth thousands of pounds to a small business but it costs just £80 to attend. There are limited seats available, so register soon to reserve your place.


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