Corporate Opportunities for Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

27 Apr 03:00 pm BST £0.00


As a coach, speaker, or trainer, securing a corporate client can be one of the most profitable and satisfying gigs you can land.

Initially, it may be challenging to acquire corporate clients, but once you do, the rewards can be significant. These clients are typically willing to pay top dollar for your services, and they often sign long-term contracts. Additionally, you get the opportunity to work with fascinating individuals who are grappling with real-world problems that need solving.

The main obstacle you may encounter is the need to meet their purchasing requirements or to articulate your worth using a language they can comprehend.

On this webinar you’ll find out exactly where the opportunities lie for you, and how to articulate your worth using a language corporates understand.

With more than 18yrs of selling my own company’s leadership development and coaching programmes into corporates I’ve learnt what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t! I’ll share this and so much more during our time together.


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