Building a strong business brand with IP protection

Building a strong business brand with IP protection
31 May 10:30 am BST £0.00


About this event

Intellectual property is a phrase that often scares people and they put off protecting their brand, sometimes until it’s too late.

We’re here to make it easy so you don’t miss out on this essential step.

Kate Hendry from Finbo Designs will give some insight into why a brand is not just a logo, and all of the elements that should be considered to ensure that the brand you build will have longevity, be authentic and resonate with your ideal clients. We will explain what research needs to be done early in the process, and how to use the results to build a brand that adds real value and credibility, and which ensures you are memorable to the right people.

Christopher Robertson from Robertson IP will discuss what ‘brand protection’ really means and explain the different stages of the process. In both of our industries we have come across people who haven’t followed this process and gotten into trouble, so we will explain the main pitfalls of an unprotected brand and go through how best to avoid them.

What you should expect to know at the end of this session

  • What does brand protection really mean?
  • Why is it important?
  • What is the process?
  • What should I consider when creating a brand?
  • How do I ensure my brand will resonate with the clients I seek?
  • What value can branding bring to your business?


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