Bassett Business Brunch

Bassett Business Brunch
25 Feb 09:30 am GMT £0.00


I have been asked to speak at the Bowman Business Brunch, a networking event this Friday 25th!

My talk will be entitled ‘Sales, Ballroom Dancing and Space Invaders – Revisited’!

This is a light hearted look at aspects of sales that are seldom considered, but can have a dramatic affect on the outcome of a deal. Yes, there is a valuable purpose in this talk, and since it was last presented it has been updated and extended to account for today’s circumstances.  Specifically, we look at the Emotional side of selling; the Value of Analogies; and …..Space Invaders.  Here’s a clue: how can you be a Space Invader when you are practicing good ‘distancing’?

Hope you can join us!


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