5 common micro business mistakes to avoid

5 common micro business mistakes to avoid
30 Jan 10:00 am GMT £0.00


Learn of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

The Great Resignation has seen more micro business owners enter the market. Many are passionate about their work and have the skills to do it.

Until they realise they don’t.

Business mistakes don’t stop your acceleration. They help you figure out a better route.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs have experienced this, and many more will. But you are here to avoid as many pitfalls as possible.

Combining her personal experience with many small business owners, if Tammy had to restart her business and avoid the common pitfalls, this is what they would be

  • Trying to do it all alone
  • Lack of resourcefulness
  • Making short sighted decisions
  • Hiring and not managing
  • Wasting 11 hours per week


In this session, Tammy will go through each pitfall and share a new approach to effectively launching your business. Whether you’re running your first or third business, prevention is key. Tammy will share her hard-earned lessons to guide you or avoid them together. No two experiences are the same. These are hers; take what you want from them.

This session will include audience participation if you have a story you’d like to share.


What you’ll need:


  • Permission to be fully present in the session – you deserve this moment.
  • An attitude for change and growth. Results only happen when you are intentional.




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