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Esther Nagle

Copywriter at Be Here Write Now
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Ugh….the blank screen Daunting isn’t it? You had so many ideas 10 minutes ago. You were going to write the most amazing blog post this world has ever seen! You were so excited and now you can’t even write one sentence. Starting can be so hard. Even if you think of yourself as a writer, starting is hard. And when you throw all the executive functioning challenges of ADHD into the mix, it can feel like swimming through jelly. You feel the hot burn of anxiety rising, the inner critic wakes up and gets to work, and you give up. You might tell yourself that it’s ok, that it doesn’t matter that you didn’t write that blog post.

But your words need to be read

But someone out there needs to read it. Someone needs the insights that only you can share. What you need it a structure you can follow, a clear process to make sure that when you want or need to write, you can just write. I have been paralysed by that blank screen so many times. I know the frustration of not finding the words I need, of hating every word I am writing, or not even being able to get started. I know how defeated you can feel. And I want to help.

Let's Beat The Blank Screen together

Spend an hour with me on Zoom, tell me your ideas and I can help you structure your ideas and get started. I will provide you with tools to turn the blank screen into writing that will say exactly what it is you want to say. You will go away knowing that you can write that thing you need to write, and will have tools to write the next thing as well.

Here are some great Be Here Write Now case studies

Yes, I want to beat the blank screen!

Book your session today. Use the code seenobounds to claim a 20% discount on your Beat the Blank Screen session and get your ideas out of your head and into the world
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