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Robyn Harris

Soul Alignment Mentor at Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally
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Tel: 07980669303

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I’m passionate about helping people to get back in touch with Who They Really Are, to understand, on a deeper level, how their bodies interact with their inner and outer environment, and how listening and responding to this can enable them to move from stress, anxiety and overwhelm into greater abundance, ease and flow. As a Soul Alignment Mentor, I support people in reconnecting with their inner compass, follow their heart and find their bliss.

From Mindfulness to Beingfulness

I believe we need to remember that we are more than just our mind: we are Mind, Body & Spirit.

Feel your way from stress into flow

This workshop is for those who are feeling – stressed – overwhelmed – or anxious and who would like to learn some simple tips and techniques to help them rediscover their balance and make the choices that enable them to live a life of greater balance, authenticity, wellbeing and joy.

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A safe and nurturing space to inspire you to greater wellbeing through connection with the natural world around you and your own unique nature within you.

Join my Wild Membership

An opportunity for exploring ways in which to connect with your deepest 'Soul Self', and how to live in alignment with this aspect of your BEing.
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