Welcome to List Pricing


We offer a range of services to our members and our member ship fees are very appealing. 

We aim to not get rich in money but get rich in growth, we work with you to grow your company and our community. 

Our membership is:

  • Feature page
  • Annually
  • Bi-Annually
  • Monthly


Our feature plan is available only for 12 months as we build a page designed for you.

  • 10 images allowed.



Our 12-month plan is available at a discounted rate of 2 months free.

  • 10 images allowed.



Our 6-month plan is available at a discounted rate of 1 month free.

  • 8 images allowed.



Our monthly plan is available at only £10pcm

  • 6 images allowed.


Our services

The Hub

As a member of The Hub, we work with our community in some great out of the box organic thinking.

  • We look to gain you warm referrals and collaborations with other members as well as contacts we are continuously meeting and partnering up with
  • Our proactive social media campaign means that we work with you to promote your services to our regular 40’000 reach.
  • Our website users is growing and we are proud to be recording 6’500 visits on average per month.
  • we are very active with membership blogs, we get you to answer the questions the public are asking and we making sure that these are back linked to you, your website and your listing.
  • Our podcast Business For Entrepreneurs is all about our members and we love getting to know who you are and sharing your story.

Services we offer are:

  • Meet the members, a live interview on Wednesday mornings where members have 10 minutes to talk about their business and really lay down the foundation of what they do. This can also be embedded into your website however we embed it into ours site and also your feature page.
  • Podcast, we host a show called Business for entrepreneurs. It’s a half hour show and goes live on Facebook, YouTube, Spreaker, Apple, Android and HeartRadio podcast.
  • Live @5 Chat show, a live show run every Tuesday at 5pm and we have 3 guest on the show with the idea of showing the character behind the business while still being business focused. We do try to create some humour and light hearted conversation.
  • Did You Know blogs, this is part of the education board (newly created and launched) here we get you to answer key questions asked to google with links back to you and your listing. Showing that you are knowledgeable in your field.
  • Members benefits, this is an area only open to members. Offers and benefits from our members in the community to other members as well as products such as Hubspot where you can benefit from 90% off this amazing CRM system.  (we will soon be creating an option so that our members can create their own offers for the community.

Events Board

We offer a great platform for you to list your events easily and quickly.

  • Free listing
  • Fees 0.49p + 1.6% per ticket sold.
  • Free events are not charged.
  • Virtual events
  • Public events
  • Private events
  • Social events
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