Jamie McAnsh: My Story

img_1240the story at the beginning

In January 2014, Jamie was diagnosed with a functional neurological condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Jamie’s journey has been life-changing. But, instead of focusing on a restricted life in a wheelchair, Jamie focused on living life outside the box.

Jamie developed a taste for adventure and committed to showing that a disability does not rule your abilities.

Early years

In the first year as a wheelchair user, Jamie found a new love for sport. By March 2014, he became a signed member for the Cardiff Celts Wheelchair Basketball team and played in the  Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association National League.

By the August of 2014, Jamie was selected for the Welsh Wheelchair Rugby 7’s team. He represented Wales in the Home Nations Cup as team Kicker.

With the ultimate aim to not only prove his own abilities but to show and inspire others, Jamie decided to set himself 12 challenges– one new challenge every month, for the year of 2015. As part of this, Jamie represented Wales in sport for a second time, completing the 100 mile long course of the Carten100 as part of the South Wales Hand-cycle team.

Barely giving himself time to recover, 4 weeks later, Jamie became the first wheelchair user to complete the gruelling WAAT4 challenge! Jamie’s tireless determination earned him the WAAT4 Greatest Achievement Award.


Jamie has won a number of other awards for his profound work within disability sport, charity fundraising and outstanding achievements. Jamie has been described as inspirational, motivational and a role model to young and old alike. Demonstrated by his determination and willpower.

In 2016, Jamie became the countries first ‘Brave Britain Award’ winner of the “against all the odds” category. This inspired Jamie to launch a career in Inspirational Speaking. Covering topics such as Diversity, Anxiety, Depression, goal-setting and overcoming adversity. Jamie has been a Guest Speaker for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Since launching See No Bounds in 2014, Jamie has achieved an audience in over 100 countries across the world with his blog posts, podcast shows and YouTube presents. Jamie has appeared several times as a guest on BBC news broadcasts and radio shows. Offering an insight to the man who never gives up.