GriffinOT Ltd

GriffinOT Ltd

Griffin Occupational Therapy (GriffinOT) aims to provide affordable, high quality online children’s occupational therapy solutions for home, school and everywhere. We are on a social mission to make sensory processing disorder training and motor skill development programmes accessible to all.


Our online resources include website articles, a mix of free and paid for training, books and fine motor skill programmes. Each GriffinOT online resource is designed to help teachers and parents understand and support their children’s sensory or motor skill challenges. They are designed by UK registered occupational therapist Kim Griffin. Kim has over 15 years’ experience supporting children with additional needs.

Our resources can be used to support children of all ages whether they have a diagnosis or not. They are relevant for adults supporting children who have sensory issues, motor skill or developmental delays, autism, dyspraxia or ADHD.

You can contact GrigginOT directly via the form below.

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