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Sales Manager at RPS Telecom
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Our Solutions

Here at RPS Telecom we provide a comprehensive range of services to SMEs. Our services are designed to be flexible to your needs meaning you can add and remove elements as your business grows and develops.

Remote working solutions​

With the growth in remote working looking to be the future for SME’s, we understand how crucial it is to stay connected with your team. We provide solutions for working anywhere at any time, over any device.

Upgrading your existing system​

Is your business changing in size? You may find your systems are outdated and no longer the right fit. As your team grows, you may want to consider changing the number of extensions you have or adding new features as your requirements become more complex. We provide solutions tailored to your every need and are on hand to support you and your business as you grow.

VoIP System​

What is a VoIP system you ask, and why do you need it? In simple terms, it’s a telephone number but one that doesn’t sit on a traditional telephony network. It's “internet-based”, meaning we can get your internet-based Landline number to call your mobile, your laptop, or a desk phone. Amazing, right? Better still, this seamless communications system comes with many additional perks and features- ask and we’ll tell you! Like all businesses, today cost is a prime factor to be managed, and through a range of either call packages or on a pay as you go basis, RPS Telecom will work with you to establish which is best for your business based on call types and volumes. ​

Here are some great RPS Telecom case studies


Prostate Cymru was established in 2003 and is the leading charity in Wales fighting against all prostate diseases


North Road Medical Practice is a doctors surgery based in Cardiff. The practice had an outdated telephone system and struggled with limited incoming and outgoing lines.


Castra Financial are a local financial services company offering holistic advice on mortgages, pension investments.


Go Local Magazine & Print are a high quality printing company based in Pontypool.

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