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Natasha Minnikin

The Mind Physio at The Holistic Neuro Academy
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Whether you’re a therapist looking to take your knowledge to the next level, or you’ve turned a page in your life where you no longer want to suffer from chronic pain, or feel lost, isolated or dis-empowered; your journey starts here. The Holistic Neuro Academy brings you accredited training courses in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Mental Health First Aid as well as offering you a unique set of residential workshops focused on Rewiring the Mind and Re-balancing the Body.

Here are some great The Holistic Neuro Academy case studies

The mind Physio

Meet the lady behind the Holistic Neuro Academy. Natasha Minnikin. Fully trained in many areas offering you a wide spectrum of options to get your Body, mind, and soul in line.

Learn More About the Three Pillars

If you've already tried classical therapies and treatments but only found temporary relief, then why not try something uniquely different? Our unique paradigm looks at promoting health by joining knowledge and techniques from both Eastern and Western sciences so that we can bring together real Body, Mind and Soul homeostasis.

Meet the Team

The Holistic Neuro Academy. is made up of an amazing professional team that offers you a wide range of skills and experience. Come and meet them to find out more.

Your accommodation

Take a look at where you will be staying when you come to train with us on your retreats. Safe and secure trouble-free experience.
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