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Andy Entwistle

Director and Principal Trainer at Salient Sales & Training
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Who is Andy Entwistle

To achieve improved sales performance and business growth, Salient offers 1-2-1 coaching or mentoring. Group or team training and coaching is also available. Quarterly open ‘Inspiration to Action’ days are new and will be available later in 2021. Andy has nearly 40 years of experience in sales and sales management, more than half of which was spent in field sales. During this time, he developed his own simple, ethical and successful sales process which focused on building lasting business relationships and forming loyal customer bases. Salient was formed in 2007 and since then, Andy has trained delegates from over 200 companies. His principles are Value, Integrity, Professionalism and Good Humour and his mission is to teach this approach, helping people to apply it successfully to their businesses. Only by ethical selling will the sales discipline be recognised again as an essential and honourable discipline, to be embraced by every business. Andy has a high success rate and a long list of satisfied customers. He would be pleased to introduce you to an existing client to help you make your choice of sales expert.


With over 20 years of sales experience at all levels, there is hardly a sales issue, obstacle or barrier that we haven't encountered already and for which we have a remedy or solution. Our ethos is in ethical and professional sales; our specialisations include selling into technical markets and customer development; our processes are simple, proven and highly effective; our courses are flexible and easily tailored to individual and company needs. Salient works in three specific areas: - Bespoke training, coaching and consultancy - Regular seminars and workshops, covering; sales & marketing essentials; time management; decision making made easier; smart networking ; campaign development; sales planning etc. - Business Mentoring

The Persuasive Power of Ethical Selling

The Persuasive Power of Ethical Selling: The skills and expertise needed to sell effectively in any market. Nobody likes a bully. Nobody likes being bullied into buying something. A salesperson who tries to bully you into buying will not get a repeat sale. Selling does not have to be stressful, confrontational, difficult. But can selling be as effective if it allows free choice for the buyer? Andy Entwistle believes that the relationship between seller and buyer, if based on an open, ethical, honest and professional approach, will be FAR more effective and will encourage the buyer to come back for more. How does he know this? Andy has applied this approach successfully during his 25 years in selling and sales management. He has also asked some of the best buyers in the country, and their answers showed clearly that this was the approach they would welcome most from a salesperson. With this approach, the buyer is much more likely to buy. The Salient approach offers a consistent, logical and challenging approach that is easy to adapt and adopt for your business. There is something in this book for everyone in business, whether micro-business or large multi-national. Andy Entwistle flies the flag for ethical selling and has spent his whole career proving its effectiveness. He still receives referrals from customers he first worked with over twenty years ago! This book outlines the sales process that Andy has developed in the field and in sales management. He has proved its success in building businesses and retaining loyal customers. Take a simple, ethical and proven process; add selected techniques and skills and you have an easier sale AND a happy customer who is keen to buy more!

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The Persuasive Power of Ethical Selling: The skills and expertise needed to sell effectively in any market
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