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The complete security service in South Wales and the West Country region.

Rite Site Surveillance ltd is a company with offices at Tir-y-berth and Abercynon. The company was formed in 2016 and is headed by Alex Puplampu and his management team. The company’s focus is on three main areas; the environment, the work place and the local economy. Within Rite Site Surveillance ltd, we understand that “everyone matters”. Therefore, the service the company can provide can only ever be as good as the people we employ. We ensure that all our officers are screened, vetted and licensed in line with the British Standards and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) thereby giving you peace of mind that you are receiving professionally trained officers to protect and safeguard your premises, sites and projects. Whether you are in construction, industrial, commercial or a domestic customer, we can offer the perfect security solution. We will organise a consultation to investigate exactly what you need and tailor what we provide so that it suits you perfectly. From manned guarding, CCTV, keyholding, alarm response to mobile patrols, talk to our professional and friendly staff at Rite Site Surveillance today. We believe security is 24/7 function and our company structure is set up to achieve and go beyond most service levels. By investing time to understand a customers requirements, we can then provide a professional, trained, motivated and dedicated security officer ensuring high service standards. We also provide in-house and on-going field training to our guards to make sure they are able to react and perform their duties to a very high standard and keeping them informed of any new technology and systems being introduced into the security industry. These service standards are fully maintained during any periods of holidays, sickness or additional security requirements due to the high levels of staff retention, a result of our modern approach to the well being of all our staff. Our fresh, friendly and flexible approach means that we can provide specialist security solutions for a wide range of organisations, businesses and operational sectors.

Manned Security

Security Guarding Our security staff are expertly trained for many tasks that include ‘meet and greet’, manning reception desks, taking and forwarding telephone calls, and directing enquiries or queries to relevant departments. Staff can also sign for mail and parcels and inform the correct department of delivery, or book in and out visitors and contractors to your premises. Once all staff are off site, our security guard will check all windows and doors in your office and set alarms. They will also lock premises and car park gates, unless staff are working on-site. Extra duties can be taken on depending on your specific needs. Guard dog units Rite Site Surveillance can offer the option of the use of one of our dog-based response units to provide optimum support whenever a situation involving conflict arises. Let our specialist dog handler take care of the situation and protect your property, while you take comfort in the knowledge that our team have been trained to the highest standard to give you the best on-site services. All units are NASDU and SIA registered.

CCTV, Key Holding & Alarm Response

At Rite Site Surveillance, we can supply you with a CCTV system which is wired or wireless with the added bonus of a response unit which will react to all activations. CCTV is an invaluable addition to your property and our team of experts at Rite Site Surveillance are on hand to advise on the best system to suit your needs. Wireless CCTV systems for remote areas and systems have the advantage that they do not rely on being wired into the mains. We can supply and fit all types of CCTV so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that your property is constantly monitored. As well as being a fantastic deterrent, CCTV footage is also a great asset when it comes to securing a conviction should someone attempt to damage or enter your property. Rapid deployment towers which can be deployed anywhere at anytime as your site or premises develops and changes. Voiceover technology is incorporated to deter intruders. Smoke/fire detectors and door contacts can be added to the system for higher security. Activation videos can be sent to you (the client), the responding officer and the emergency services. The videos that are recorded are compatible to all smart phones and are held on a remote server at our monitoring centre. If you use Rite Site Surveillance for your CCTV system, you can be confident that it will be expertly fitted to the highest standards with 24/7 monitoring. Should your system show any signs of an intruder or activations, we will immediately send out a response unit to investigate and protect your property from danger.

Mobile Patrols

If you need a security company that is flexible and offers a truly personalised service then call Rite Site Surveillance. The frequency of the mobile patrols are set to suit your requirements and the schedules can be at set times and periods or even randomised as an extra deterrent. Once we arrive at your location, we can perform a drive-by inspection or we can physically check gates, fencing, doors and windows. Our friendly and professional guards can carry out any extra duties you may require. All functions of the mobile patrols can be varied at the request of the customer. All of our security solutions are set up to meet your on-going requirements and ever-changing circumstances and budgets. Each of the different sectors of our security solution also have the value-added service of regular management visits to your projects to ensure your appointed officer is performing at the level you expect. Regular appraisals of the appointed officer to improve the service we provide to you. Full investigative reports for intrusion on your premises, sites or properties are sent to you via email, text, telephone, handwritten copies or in person.

Here are some great Rite Site Surveillance case studies

Manned Security

– Manned Security Guard – Receptionist – Concierge

CCTV, Key Holding & Alarm Response

Rite Site Surveillance can offer you the complete CCTV package with the added bonus of a fast response unit available to all activations.

Mobile Patrols

Providing scheduled physical and drive-by inspections of your premises.

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