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One Day Retreats

Welcome to the Pause & Paint Retreats where you can relax and connect to the inner you. When we are young we are always creating and exploring our world sometimes expressing ourselves in a noisy way or daubing paint on something. As we get older this freedom of expression and exploration get’s put to one side as we start to study or get our foot onto the being sensible rung of the ladder. The retreats provide a space where you can reconnect with the creative nature of you, using various techniques. AS part of the process we will be spending some time in the woods reconnecting with nature, just 15 minutes will calm and soothe your soul. I have different mediums for you to use and all materials are supplied. You can paint, stick, sculpt or write it’s is down to you as to how you express yourself. And if you think you cannot draw or paint, it doesn’t matter as what you create will be unique to you, creating without judgement or worry is liberating. You also receive a complimentary art kit so you can continue your creative journey. The day is also fueled by homemade vegan/gluten-free cakes…I’m sure people come along just for that!!

Paint Your Pet workshops

Have you ever wanted to paint your dog but didn’t know where to start, with this simply technique and a good photo, you can capture the spirit and character of your furry friend in a work of art that you will be proud of. You don’t need to be able to paint or draw to join in, I will guide you through the whole process. Come and join me in a wonderful setting and enjoy something new! You will also receive a complimentary art kits so you can continue you creative journey.

Pet Portraits

Pets bring an enormous amount of joy to our lives, and are so much more than a furry, scaly or feathered friend – they’re a much-loved member of the family who we create and share memories with. Which is why I take so much care to capture the spirit and character of your special furry friend, because when you get your painting I want you to see your pet looking out at you. I have a 100% cry rate so far!! It’s the perfect way to capture your pet at their most loveable, loyal or engaging and a beautiful lasting reminder of all the great times you’ve shared together. Getting a portrait of your special furry friend is a personal thing. You want to be sure that the artist you have commissioned will capture what you see every day (personality, character and spirit), which is why I take extra care to ensure that happens. I want you to look at the finished portrait and see your pet looking back at you.

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One Day Retreats

Come along and meet your inner creative, learn to express you and feel comfortable doing it, just as you did when you were young. You don't need to be able to paint or draw to join in, just an open mind and heart. All materials are supplied and you receive a complimentary art kit.

Paint Your Pet

Ever fancies painting your pet, well in this workshop you can! This workshop is designed to take you through easy steps to create a portrait of your dog to give to that special someone. I have another one which is dedicated to cat lovers which follows the same process. All materials are supplied and you receive a complimentary art kit.

Pet Portraits form Photographs

I capture the spirit and character of your furry friends be they large or small. A pet portrait is a great way to say I love you to someone you share a special furry friend relationship: Get one to say: "I love you" "I know you are missing them, so here is something unique to remember them by" Birthday's, Anniversaries, Xmas or just for the hell of it. I have two styles of painting so give me a shout to discuss how we can immortalise your furry friend forever.
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