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Meet Clare

Hi, I’m Clare Davis Originally I trained as a secondary teacher, working as a Careers Advisor and teaching A-Levels Business Studies, Legal Studies, and Economics. I then worked in recruitment in London at a fast-paced, fast-growth company where I became a middle manager quickly. It was a very pressured environment and we were never trained on how to manage people. I realised I really enjoyed developing people so I joined a training company in London, where I qualified as a trainer and attained a Certificate in Training Practice. I then moved to Bristol and started my first training business. After many years of training in the recruitment sector, I realised my real passion was helping middle managers, so I did many courses to understand how to train middle managers in the skills they required, particularly around communication, motivation, coaching, etc. When delivering courses and workshops, many people started to ask about helping their teams with their mental health, so I retrained as a Mental Health First Aid instructor through Mental Health First Aid England and Nuco Training. I now deliver their courses as well as writing specific courses for clients.

What type of Clients Do I work with?

We help schools and organisations with their middle management and mental health training and coaching, offering virtual and face-to-face Mental Health Training for professionals to help Mental Health First Aiders, Managers and Leaders raise the team’s mental health awareness and communication skills. Examples of clients Nova has worked with includes: SNG Barratt, South Gloucestershire Council, Kinly, Wood MacKenzie, BlackRock, Cantel Medical, Celgene, Coca Cola, Companies House, Deloittes, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Hella, Lloyds Group, Prudential, Shutterstock, Specsavers, Uber. Your team’s mental health is essential and we need to have conversations confidently and use strategies to promote positive WELL-BEING in the workplace, reducing mental health concerns. We help schools and organisation of any size that have a growth mindset and love to learn, have the same positive values as us, and believe in their teams. A motivated team will help with less staff turnover, fewer sick days, and a better profit margin.

How Do I Help My Clients?

It is very important to build trust with clients. I start by finding out what the client's needs are, then I write their course, keynote talk, or workshop to meet their specific needs. I personally may not have the skills to deliver the exact specification of their needs. That's why I work with a team of Associates who specialise in specific areas who can also help the client. After writing the course, workshop, or keynote talk specifically for the client, I will often meet with them and run through the content with them to make sure they are happy. Then I will email each attendee to make sure their specific objectives are met and that they also understand what we are covering. This also enables the attendee to find out more about the course. The training is not stuffy or clinical. We have open, fun interaction in both virtual and face-to-face settings. The attendees have often commented that the time has flown due to the variety of training methods and level of participation. During the session, the attendees will fill in a personal action plan, stating what they are going to stop doing, start doing and continue to do. We also work together to strategise how they are going to put the learning into action back in the workplace.

The Benefits of Working With Nova Associates

Not only do I deliver the training, but I work with a team of Associates who specialise in particular areas to help the client with their specific needs. I also believe that all the learning is not able to be completed in the time allocated to the session. In order to help the attendees with further learning, I have put together other resources they can tap into. This includes YouTubes, Podcasts, a Book, Newsletters, Blogs, etc. Training with Nova isn’t stuffy, formal, or dry. We understand people learn best when they’re having fun, so we work with clients to create personal, ongoing programmes that engage staff with practical activities and on-the-job learning. Our memorable methods create an accelerated learning environment where habits change, people grow and results are achieved. From one-on-one coaching to motivational keynotes, these professional mental health training, middle management training, and leadership courses include individual objectives and accountability measures to ensure attendees come away feeling confident they can apply what they’ve learned.

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Who is Clare Davis?

I am a fully qualified trainer and coach who has a passion to help leaders and middle managers build and support their teams when they have mental health concerns. I have been delivering middle management and mental health keynotes, courses, and workshops for over 20 years. My aim is to help teams communicate more successfully in order to drive positive mental health in the workplace. I work with schools and organisations of all sizes to understand the importance of recognising stress in their teams to help their staff cope with the pressured business world to be more productive and profitable. I understand how difficult it is for Mental Health First Aiders and Managers to have the conversation about mental health, so I run specific courses, keynotes and workshops to build their confidence to spot the signs, have the conversation and strategise ways to prevent Mental Health concerns with their teams.

What is Mental Health Training in the Workplace?

We are working with YOU for better emotional fitness. Nova Associates offers virtual and face-to-face Middle Management and Mental Health Training for professionals to help Mental Health First Aiders, Managers and Leaders raise the team’s motivation, productivity and mental health awareness. Your team’s positive mental health is essential and we need to have conversations confidently and use strategies to promote positive WELL-BEING in the workplace, reducing mental health concerns. We can offer bespoke mental health courses, written specifically for the needs of your team. We are also qualified to deliver the Mental Health First Aid courses through Mental Health First Aid England and Nuco Training. We also offer Care Packages for Companies. Go to our website to see the levels of Care Packages to promote Positive Mental Health for your teams.

What Middle Management Training do we do?

Middle managers can often be ‘squeezed’ from both ends, causing them excess stress and worry. We often become middle managers because we are good at our jobs. The skills are completely different from the initial role. Are middle managers supported to do well as managers and support their teams? Coaching, giving feedback, delegating, communicating, having difficult conversations, being assertive are essential people skills required for middle managers. We run virtual and face-to-face middle management training courses and workshops with accountable actions to help middle managers be more confident in their roles.

Other Services to help you

Nova Associates realises that everything cannot be learnt on the training course, so we have extra resources to help you after the training. Here is an outline of the resources: 1) “Emotional Fitness: A-Z for Positive Mental Health”, is a self-help, activity book to help you bring positive mental health into your life. 2) Mental Health Chats YouTube & Podcasts open up conversations about mental health issues. Positive mental health benefits people from all walks of life. We have interviewed people from all around the world who have experienced mental health concerns as well as bringing in experts that can help and advise on supporting. Each series is carefully chosen. They are topics of interest that affect many people with mental health concerns as well as those supporting others. The topics range from Men’s Mental Health, Menopause, Sexual Assault, Suicide and many more. The speakers on our Mental Health Chats YouTube & Podcasts discuss in detail what needs to be covered to help others. Each interview lasts between 10 and 18 minutes and is in an informal setting. Look up Mental Health Chats on YouTube, or your favourite Podcast App. 3) High-Intensity Neural Training is also known as HINT and helps you focus and create positivity to bring emotional fitness into your life. Like physical fitness, you should aim to work on your emotional fitness every day. If you can notice your emotions, spotting the signs of stress, depression, and anxiety, you can then bring the HINT activities into your life to have more even emotions, instead of being on a roller coaster of emotions. The free HINT Positive Mental Health 21-day programme is divided into 3 themes, which have 7 activities, one a day for 7 days. The activities bring to life emotional fitness. 4) Clare Davis runs an Emotional Fitness Radio Show on the last Wednesday of the month from 1pm to 2pm on SomerValleyfm.co.uk. Listen to Clare Davis, who interviews people from all over the world to find out their Top Tips and how they bring emotional wellbeing into your life.
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