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Why mystery shopping?

Knowledge is power and understanding every facet of your customers' experiences is the key to unlocking more revenue and increasing loyalty. It’s often the smallest detail that might put a customer off, not just from making a purchase, but also from recommending you. At a personal level poor service is a place we all know intimately. So perhaps now’s the time to start digging a little deeper into your customers' preferences.

How can mystery shopping elevate your customers’ experience?

Mystery shopping is a really powerful tool which can help you improve the way your customers experience your business, product or service. By identifying those areas in which you excel and those where there are opportunities to improve you can: - Increase your customer loyalty - Improve your reputation - Ensure you meet your compliance obligations - Tailor your training efficiently - Be better than your competitors - Celebrate your strengths and improve your staff engagement - (Ultimately) increase profit Mystery shopping can tell you how closely your staff on the ground, on the phone or digitally are actually implementing your business vision.

Expert mystery shopping providers, working across the UK

We have a wealth of experience in designing and implementing mystery shopping, providing action-based reporting and helping our clients to improve their service levels. We are company partners of the Market Research Society and members of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association). We have thousands of shoppers across the UK and our own bespoke allocation, data entry and reporting system which we would be delighted to demonstrate to you. We believe that people should be front and centre of any business and that, only by treating customers and employees the way you would want to be treated, can you build long term trust and a great reputation.

Here are some great Newlann Mystery Shopping case studies

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