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Nice to meet you

My name is Maria Newman and I’m Mummy on a Break. A break from what? To start with it was my corporate job. But it’s become more than that. It’s a break from what I SHOULD be doing to what I WANT to be doing. And that is: 'helping busy working mums, with young children, who are fed up with managing the chaos of life to feel amazing and love life by finding their purpose and confidence through 1:1 coaching'

My story

Back in 2016, the one thing I knew for certain was that I was exhausted. I was on what I now call the treadmill of life. I’d got stuck. I wasn’t living life. I was just existing. Going through the motions. I don’t mean to paint a bleak picture. Because I was happy. It just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. And so, my journey began. Shaping my life to be what I wanted it to be. This is going to sound like a cliché but I now feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel better mentally and physically. And for me, it all comes down to mindset. The way I talk to myself. The way I view things. Being open to what could be. Being aware of my actions and reactions. And so, I can be the best I can be. One of the most important things is that I can be the best mum to my kids. Not perfect. Just the best I can be. I know that I’m not alone in how I felt. You see, as mums, we’re very good at putting the needs of everyone else ahead of our own. It’s what we do. It’s in our DNA. After all, back in the day whilst the men were out hunting the women were looking after things. It’s our default position. That’s why I now help other mums who are feeling the same. Who are stuck. Who want to make changes. But don’t know where to start. Using my journey of figuring things out whether it’s work, relationships, money, wellness or the fun stuff, to help others.

Work with me

There are three ways you can work with me: 1 - 1:1 Coaching 2 - Monthly workshops and online courses 3 - Join my private Facebook Group - The Busy Working Mums Club

What do my clients say?

“Maria is fabulous at supporting mums to believe in their abilities to be the best person they can be for themselves as well as a mummy to their little people. She is passionate about what she does but doesn't sugar coat the realities either” “Wow so good to take time out and reevaluate me! Its made me realise I need to look after myself more and think about taking it steps rather than being overwhelmed by it all. Thank you so much Maria.” “It was lovely to speak with Maria this week, she got me thinking about a number of ways in which I can help myself to run my business better, even in just half an hour.” “Maria is such a lovely, warm, empathetic person and it was so helpful to talk to another mum who's been there. I was lucky enough to win a half-hour Revive your Life session and it was such a useful exercise and session. I'd recommend Maria and her work to any mum looking to be more in touch with themselves.”

Here are some great Mummy on a Break case studies


My signature package is a 6 week 1:1 coaching programme. The aim of this programme is to get you moving forward instead of feeling like an observer of life.

How to make money from your superpower in 5 easy steps

"One of the best and most useful hours of 2020 for me!" Who said that? One of my clients who attended my ‘How to make money from your superpower in 5 easy steps’ workshops.

The Busy Working Mums Club - Private Facebook Group

I'd love you to join my Facebook group - The Busy Working Mums Club. It’s for Busy Working Mums who are looking for a supportive community and safe space where they can feel comfortable being honest with what's challenging them right now. This community is about giving mums the help and guidance they need to face those challenges in the best way possible. It's all about finding the balance that mums need in work, relationships, money matters, wellness and the fun stuff. I want to be your cheerleader. I want to help you focus on what's important and block out all the noise. I want to show you how to put yourself first and leave the mummy guilt behind. Interested? Just click on the link.

The Mummy on a Break Podcast

This podcast is about inspiring you to do what you want and be what you want. Anything is possible if you really want it and if it is really important to you.
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