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Psychotherapist at Mind Reset
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Hi! I’m Denise Little…

I help you change your life in whatever way is right for you. I love the work that I do – I specialise in anxiety, depression and stress. We all experience varying degrees of anxiety, stress and perhaps depression – it can go from just being mildly inconvenient to seriously debilitating. It can rob you of the simple things in life like getting out of bed, family life, work, social life…..need I go on? But with the right therapy then you can get back to living the life you truly deserve. I have had amazing success over the years as I ensure every session is geared towards your needs – so you go away knowing that things will change

So Why Work With Me?

I Listen… We can all hear… But – Do we all listen?? It’s no longer just about sound but about the thoughts, feelings, point of view, expectations, memories, sensations, beliefs — what you are carrying. I always ensure I understand your words so that I can — in a very real way — enter into the experience those words are meant to convey. What clients always say is that they want to feel that they are being listened and understood… And I do.. I Act… I don’t claim to work miracles in the first session but I do claim to ensure that every one of my clients receives a bespoke service to ensure that after each session – they see and feel different. I am not here to give you a quick fix – you’ll only be back when it rears its ugly head again!- and I am not here to tell you what you think you want to hear -I am here to ensure you get the best therapy from your sessions to get you back on track. I want the very best for the people I work with. I want my clients to realise their vision, their values, their ideas and their goals. After all – what is life about? It’s about getting the best out of what we have and achieving our potential with the least stress and anxiety as possible!

How I Can Help

At Mind Reset I can help people with a range of things that are affecting their lives. My aim is to get to the underlying cause of these situations and then help you to understand how to go forward in a way that will eliminate the things that have been holding you back. Take a look at the information below and if you would like to get in contact and discuss treatment or if you have any questions then please get in contact and I will be happy to help.

A Few Testimonials

Denise – just a quick text to say thank you so so much for all your help/work you’ve done for me. Last Friday I had an observation- feedback was – I was outstanding!! My heartfelt thanks.. N Some days I have felt I have so much energy that I am LEADING life, instead of being dragged along by it. It is wonderful! Denise has been my saviour. She taught me to love ME. She taught me to start doing things out of passion and love and not from desperation and fear. I would love to bottle what she does as everyone needs to drink a Denise.. Don’t even think twice – just go. It was the BEST decision I made and I tell everyone. Every session has been a life changer and I know I will have the life I truly deserve, Denise you are simply fab!

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If you are having a difficult time dealing with anxiety, stress or depression, it’s time to take the next step. You already know that you can achieve more, find happiness and live a better more fulfilling life.

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On this page, you can find the fees for the different types of therapy. The first step is a free phone call to discuss your need, and identify the most appropriate type of therapy for you”

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All these are real clients. Every one of them has a story to tell…
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