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Meet Leo

Hello' My name is Leo Carr, and I am a Politics student at the University of Exeter, focusing on international relations, British politics, and political philosophy. I achieved an A* at A-Level Politics and enjoy teaching others about important political issues. Throughout my education I have been a passionate debater, and in my spare time I enjoy playing the drums. I hope to become a fully qualified politics teacher when I graduate university. My favourite topics in the A-Level are electoral systems and the whole global unit.

How did Study Politics start?

We started Study Politics because whilst revising for Leo's A Levels, he realised there was such a limited range of affordable resources written for politics and the humanities in general. Instead of paying for ridiculously expensive resources, Leo decided to make affordable and high-quality revision tools that would have helped himself and the tens of thousands of others that take A Level Politics each year. Now, over 100 students trust in those resources, with many stating they helped them achieve A*s in their essays and exams.


Study Politics approaches teaching students from a student perspective. Having recently completed his own studies, Leo started communicating with current students. As a result Study Politics' tutoring services started. We are now growing and looking to expand our subject base as well as looking for a range of new and exciting tutors in order to grow the team.


"Study Politics is great as there isn’t a lot of condensed information online for Politics A Level students, let alone summary notes written professionally." - Julian, Year 13. "Study Politics is an amazing website for an A level Politics student. It has all the resources you need from study notes, revision notes, the latest past papers and more." - Sumaiya, Year 13. "I’d recommend the Study Politics website to anyone studying A-Level Politics. The resources are written professionally and are perfect for getting the information you need." - Alex, Year 12.

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Find out more about Leo's work and what led him to start Study Politics.

Learning Resources

Our resources help students unlock their A* potential. From practice papers to revision notes to posters, find out why over 100 students trust our resources.
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